RPC Application Process

RPC welcomes inquiries and applications for funding. The Application Form and Guidelines for the Narrative Proposal and Policies for Award Approval are available through this site.

The application process is simple and straightforward:  after you have completed filling in the Application form and have prepared your Narrative Proposal, send these to the RPC Chair by email attachment. If there are multiple principal investigators involved, please modify the application form so the pertinent contact information is given for each PI.

Generally the RPC acts on requests at its monthly meeting, though complex requests may take longer.  Applications may be submitted at any time; there are no final deadlines for submission.

Applicants are urged to seek the assistance of committee members in preparing their proposals.

When preparing applications, please review  the RPC’s Policies for Award Approval and the Guidelines for the Proposal Narrative (which is attached to the Application Form), carefully!  Also consider whether your proposal might be eligible for full / partial funding by other campus resources.

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research has created a new fact sheet, which provides investigators summarized information about the various ethical and regulatory requirements for the responsible conduct of research. Please read Responsible Conduct of Research.