Remote/Hybrid Work Request Process – University Library Guidelines and Workflows

Last updated: 12/2/2021


The University of Illinois is a predominantly residential university. Therefore, it is understood that most employees, including both academic and classified personnel, will maintain an onsite presence to effectively meet institutional and operational needs. Library operations must provide excellent services to UIUC students, faculty, and staff.  To ensure excellence while being mindful of changing workforce needs, the following criteria have been developed. The employee and supervisor should review and consider these points before completing the initial request form:

A. The work to be completed away from campus must be based on the employee’s current job description and requests will state specifically which duties and how they can be done remotely.

B. No changes will be made to the job description (or specific duties) to enable remote work.

C. Front facing public service work, and work requiring access to the physical collections, must stay onsite.

D. Supervisors of front facing public service work, and work requiring access to the physical collections might not be eligible for remote work (see E).

E. Remote/hybrid agreements must NOT cause more work for other employees/supervisors within unit onsite or to other units onsite (such as asking them to pick up slack left by the remote/hybrid requests or requiring extra work to prepare for or support remote/hybrid requests).

F. An employee’s prior remote work history and success with limited supervision will be considered when determining if an employee is eligible for remote work.

G. Supervisors may deny requests if they deem the time necessary to supervise a remote employee requires extra work (see previous E).

H. Services to users must not be adversely impacted by remote work decisions.

I. Faculty, AP, and CS requests in each unit need to be considered together.

J. Decisions for the same type of position in different units will often be different.

K. If an employee has a need for a reasonable accommodation, the employee must complete the appropriate form to send to the Office of Access and Equity.

L. Child and elder care, FMLA, FFCRA, accommodations, and quarantines are covered under other university policies and procedures and will not be a factor in these submissions.


Temporary/One Offs allowed without a remote/hybrid agreement

Supervisors may give temporary, one-time permission for an employee to work remote during specific, agreed upon hours and if it does not create an undue burden on other employees:

  • to attend online meetings/training if an onsite option is not available (travel time is not considered work time)
  • to perform other one-off type job related duties as negotiated by the unit head/supervisor (example – participating in interviewing candidates)

REMINDER Quarantine situations need to be handled through Library HR as there are other factors to consider. Accommodations are processed by the Office of Access and Equity.



The remote and hybrid work requests are meant for situations when an employee’s work location is not on campus for a period longer than 1 week (greater than 5 consecutive business days) OR is reoccurring (regularly or intermittent).

Requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis due to the library’s need to assure excellent services to the University of Illinois students and faculty.

Exceptions to this process are those on FLMA Leave or have approved OAE Accommodations.

NOTE – The following workflow has changed based on updates to the University forms/procedures.

  1. Any employee who is interested in working remotely for any portion of their workweek on an ongoing basis (an employee’s work location is not on campus for a period longer than 1 week (greater than 5 consecutive business days) OR is reoccurring (regularly or intermittent)) needs to first complete one of the Library’s Remote/Hybrid Work Submission Forms below and it includes preparing answers to the University Form and submit it to their supervisor.
  2. The employee’s supervisor will
  3. Library HR will review the following list of criteria to confirm eligibility of the employee for remote/hybrid work, and will prepare files for the group of AULs/Directors/Asst Deans to review. If the employee is eligible and in good standing, Library HR will request the employee to submit the University Form with specific directions on who to add for approvers.
    • Is the request for 100% remote or hybrid?
    • Is the employee in good standing with the university?
  4. The group of AULs/Directors/Asst Deans will review the submissions using the university form, the library submission sheet, and the library’s evaluation rubric. The AUL/Director/Asst Dean will approve/reject the university form (online) based on the evaluation and submit their comments/recommendations to the Dean for review/approval. The form will move through the approval process with the Dean being the last approver.
  5. Library HR will record/track requests/decisions, notify the employee/supervisor of the Dean’s decision, and maintain the file in the department. NOTE that a Remote or Hybrid Work agreement is not complete and official until Library HR provides notification to the employee and supervisor.
  6. If the employee would like to ‘appeal’ the decision, the employee may submit a written appeal to Library HR ( for the Dean to review.


WORKFLOW – Reviewing/Updating Remote/Hybrid Agreements

Supervisors will review their employees’ agreements minimally once a year to determine if the request will be renewed with no changes, renewed with changes, or not renewed. REMEMBER – No remote/hybrid work agreement is considered permanent and are subject to review/changes for programmatic and operational needs, performance, or other criteria. Approved agreements may be reviewed or changed at any time with notification.

The supervisor will submit their review/recommendation to their AUL/Directors/Asst Dean and copy to Library HR ( on or before the renewal dates. The AUL/Directors/Asst Deans will review the submissions and submit a recommendation to the Dean.

The review will consist of a recommendation to the AUL/Director/Asst Dean Review Group with the following information:

  • <Supervisor name> recommends that <employee’s name> remote/hybrid agreement will be
    • __ renewed with no changes.
    • __ renewed with changes. Changes are as follows (be specific): ______
    • __ not renewed.
  • Rational for selected recommendation (What impacts on colleagues and services have emerged?): _____
  • New renewal/review date is based on their unit’s needs, but no later than 12/15/2022. (Supervisors may want to review them each semester or during the performance review timeline): ______

Any appeals to the decisions in this process will be directed to the Dean via the Library HR Office.

Any questions about the process may be directed to the Assistant Dean for Business and Human Resources.