Registered Student Organizations

On the matter of providing access to Registered Student Organizations in the Library, here is where we stand:

Campus Code Compliance has responded negatively to each of the spaces we identified as potential spaces for RSO use in “public” spaces of the Undergraduate Library, e.g., the plaza entry. They have also responded negatively to this use of space in the Marshall Gallery, the tunnel between Main and Undergrad, and the north-south corridor (for free standing tables) in Main. This exhausts the options we originally considered as spaces possible for assignment in the Main/Undergrad complex as “public space” in which RSOs could request space for activities similar to those conducted in the Illini Union.

Jeff Schrader is working with staff in Grainger to identify a space in the Grainger foyer that can be made available for scheduling by RSOs using the established scheduling process through campus FMS. Since we have identified a viable space in Grainger, this will be our test case for Fall 2007 in order to make certain that our communications with Dean of Students and FMS (and within the Library) work smoothly.

In the meantime, a small group appointed by Karen will (finally!) meet next week to discuss other options for identification of similar space in the Main Library. Our first meeting was cancelled owing to the Press Building flood (and the almost simultaneous ruling from campus that none of the spaces we had initially considered in Main/Undergrad would meet code compliance), but we are back on track.

If you have any questions, we can address them at AC. Also, I am taking suggestions for “public” space in Main that could be turned to this purpose (keeping in mind that this is specifically space that is not “business” space, i.e., public service space or staff space or any space governed by our Patron Conduct Policy), and will bring them to the task force next week. That group includes me and Jeff, Meg Burger, Nancy O’Brien, Paula Carns, and Mary Schlembach.