Environmental Monitoring

The Environmental Monitoring Program

The Environmental Monitoring Program assists in maintaining proper temperature and humidity levels within the Library. Data from Environmental Monitoring provides information about deterioration rates of paper and other materials, risk of mold outbreak, and likelihood of habitation of various library pests. Initiated in 2005, the program’s first full year of data was collected in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library’s storage spaces. Shortly thereafter, monitoring efforts expanded to several key library spaces, specifically special collections spaces and the Main Stacks. In 2010, the Preservation Department further expanded the program by training staff in departmental libraries in the use of Environmental Monitoring hardware and software.
The Environmental Monitoring program uses the Image Permanence Institute’s Climate Notebook software, PEM data logging hardware, and data management website, MyClimateData .

For instructions on operating PEM hardware and navigating the MyClimateData website, please consult the MyClimateData User Guide.

Monitored Library Spaces – Web Reports

Library Unit Environmental Monitoring Status Library Unit Environmental Monitoring Status
Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES) Ongoing Mathematics (MTX) Ongoing
Art and Architecture (ARX) Ongoing Music and Performing Arts Library (MUX) Ongoing
Chemistry Library Discontinued Oak Street Library Facility and Vaults (OSLF) Ongoing
Classics (CLX) Ongoing Rare Book and Manuscript Library (RBML) and RBML Rm. 24 Ongoing
Communications (CMX) Ongoing Sousa Archives and Center for American Music Ongoing
Grainger Engineering (ENX) Ongoing Undergraduate Library (UGL) Ongoing
History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library (HPNL) Ongoing University Archives – Main Library Ongoing
Illinois History and Lincoln Collection (IHLC) Ongoing University Archives – Archives Research Center / Horticulture Field Laboratory Ongoing
Main Library Stacks (STX) Discontinued University High School Ongoing
Maps and Geography (MAX) Ongoing Veterinary Medicine Ongoing