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Preservation Week 2019

Please join us for the events to celebrate Preservation Week during the week of April 21-27th, 2019.

See listing of events here:


*NEW* Environmental Monitoring, Integrated Pest Management and Mold in Library Collections

Ever wonder why preservation and conservation are concerned about the environment in your library? Want to learn more about how we identify mold and harmful pests and how you can help your collections?  Come to this informative workshop where preservation and conservation staff will talk about our programs and experiences with mold, pests and regulating temperature and humidity with an eye specifically to the concerns in our libraries. Ample time will be provided at the end for what we hope will be a lively discussion!

Preservation Orientation for Library Employees

The Preservation Orientation for Library Employees is a basic educational program about collections and their care within the Library environment. The program’s purpose is to encourage good stewardship through developing awareness about how everyday activities affect collections. This program draws its inspiration from a program developed by Julie Page of the University of California – San Diego. We anticipate offering this program twice per year to accommodate all new Library employees.

Library Binding as a Preservation Tool

Based upon an outline developed by SOLINET for educating librarians and support staff about library binding, this two-hour program focuses on educating participants about the following:

  • Why libraries bind materials
  • How library binding differs from publishers binding and traditional binding,
  • The mechanics of a library binding,
  • How binding is accomplished at The University of Illinois, and
  • Various strategies for improving the binding that subject and departmental libraries receive at UIUC.

This program will be offered once annually in the fall.

Book Repair

Introduction to Book Repair – This workshop includes a general introduction to simple book repairs as a method to extend the life of collection materials as well as a brief discussion on paper types and degradation. Techniques covered include simple page mends using Filmoplast, paper fills using Filmoplast and buffered paper, reconstructing lost corners, and tip ins. Each participant will also create a weight to be used during repairs and receive the tools necessary to complete these repairs.

Making Book Snakes

All Library staff who handle books are encouraged to come to this workshop and personalize their own book snake. Partially assembled materials are provided so that each person can take back a functional and fun book weight that will gently hold open books without damaging fragile bindings or paper.

Additional Information About Preservation and Conservation