Google Books

The Preservation and Conservation Units are taking an active role in the Library’s partnership with Google Books by performing a range of repairs and treatments on library materials that will be digitized from the University Library’s general collections. This work not only facilitates the capture of better and more complete digital images, but also allows us to return digitized items to our shelves in a more usable and stable condition than we found them. While no special collections materials will be digitized through this project, UIUC’s partnership with Google Books presents a unique opportunity to address the preservation and conservation needs of a large portion of the Library’s collections, including some of the more unique items within our general collections.
For more information on this project, please see the Digital Content Creation Unit’s page on large scale digitization for more information on this project.

RBML Mold Remediation

In late September of 2007, Conservation identified mold in the storage vault of the Rare Book and Manuscript Library (RBML) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC).  Over the course of 8 months, the staff of the RBML, Preservation & Conservation, Library administration, and Facilities & Services worked closely to plan for and implement a remediation plan.

Graphics Project

Working with Prof. Robb Springfield of the School of Art and Design, the Preservation and Conservation Program secured designs for a preservation program logo, a preservation-themed screensaver currently loaded on public terminals throughout the library system, and models of other educational materials.

Library Preservation Program

Rain Bags

Through the generosity of the Library Friends, Preservation and Conservation has provided all Library circulation desks with a supply of “rain bags”. These plastic bags should be given to patrons who lack a proper book bag with which to protect their library books.


Rain Bags provided by the library.