Understanding Routing Streamers

Green and Yellow currently in use.

  • Green = Monographs, pamphlets, media and other material sent for Conservation/Preservation review and treatment.  Monographs intended for commercial binding should come with the green streamer as well.  Monographs will go to commercial binding when appropriate.
  • Yellow = Serials.  If serials are brittle, or for some other reason, cannot be commercially bound, the item will be repaired or boxed.  The information on the yellow streamer is necessary for all serials processing.
  • Blue= Items that are moldy or dirty.
  • Pink= Rush requests.

Oak Street Transfers Streamers

Oak Street Transfers, Route to Conservation – items being transferred to Oak St that need Conservation stabilization first must have a streamer generated by the sending library unit:

All of the streamers described below can be ordered by submitting this form: 

Preservation Workflows Streamers Requests

 Green Streamers – Preservation/Conservation

All material sent for repairpamphlet binding or brittle book treatment should have the updated version of the green routing streamer.

Please fill out all information at the top of the streamer. This information is essential as it identifies the sending library, the return library, library contact ( person selecting the item for repair), date sent, and the call number of the item. All of this information is necessary for proper handling and return of library materials.

The remaining options on the front of the streamer should be filled out as appropriate, calling attention to specific problems with the piece whenever possible, but notations and instructions are not essential. The piece will be assessed and routed through Preservation/Conservation for the best treatment option.

Note: Endsheets are saved only if you mark the box to retain them. When you want to preserve the endsheets, the book will go to Conservation for endsheet removal, book repair and replacement of endsheets.
Note: Bookplates in books going to commercial binding will not be saved. A note will be added to the catalog record in Voyager acknowledging the gift, fund, and donor.

For a detailed explanation of how to fill out the Green streamer, examine the Streamer Guide.

Yellow Streamers – Serials/Commercial Binding

All serials prepared for binding should be sent with the yellow routing streamer, complete with all information as you want it to appear on the spine. This information is found under Bindery Preparations Documentation.

Yellow streamers are ordered through “supply orders”. Please send a sample yellow streamer to the person placing the order (currently Norris Purdy).

Blue Streamers – Moldy or Dirty Items

Moldy or dirty materials should have blue routing streamers and the item should be bagged and sent to Preservation.

Pink Streamers – Rush Requests

Items that need immediate attention should be sent with the pink streamer. Only a maximum of 10 items at time will be sent- please contact staff before sending the item to Preservation.