Requests For Library Patron Information: Staff Guidelines

  1. State and federal laws can govern the proper release of University documents including library users’ registration and circulation records.  Legal documents such as court orders can be required before disclosure of documents is permitted.
  2. Staff who are approached by anyone requesting information about what library materials or electronic content anyone has used or borrowed should refer them to the University Librarian (333-0790) or the Associate University Librarian (AUL) for Services (333-0318).  Call to alert them that you have made the referral.   Do not provide the information that is being requested without consulting others as described in these guidelines.  If a law enforcement officer or other government agent presents a court order, subpoena or other legal document after hours or on weekends, call Central Circulation (244-0732), where someone will be designated to handle the request.  All law enforcement or other government agents should be asked to provide proper identification and a record of this information should be made.
  3. Legal Counsel (333-0560) will be called by the Library administrator to whom the requestor of information has been referred immediately upon receipt of the referral to allow Legal Counsel to review the legal sufficiency of the documents presented such as court orders, search warrants, subpoenas and summons and to provide advice, direction and guidance on compliance with such documents.
  4. Campus Administrative Manual at III-14:

    “Legal documents received by all campus offices should be sent immediately to the Campus Legal Counsel for appropriate handling.”

  5. If a federal law enforcement agent or other government agent is demanding immediate compliance, contact Campus Police (333-1216) and ask to speak with a shift supervisor to verify the credentials of the agent and the need for immediate compliance.  Campus Police will aid in seeing that the referral is made to a Library administrator and that all reasonable attempts are made to contact Legal Counsel for guidance before any access to information is allowed.

Date Issued:    10/21/02

Approved by:  University Librarian

Reviewed by:  University Librarian, 2/18/13

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