Performance Partnership Program




A Positive Contact is a way of recognizing good performance in a continuous and ongoing way or
on a day-to-day basis. Since recognizing good performance is one of the best ways to encourage
continued good performance, supervisors are expected to use Positive Contacts as a regular part of
their jobs by complimenting work and reinforcing good or improved work performance. 

A supervisor should consider making a positive contact when an employee:

  • is performing at a fully satisfactory level
  • has measurably improved his/her performance
  • has maintained fully acceptable performance for a significant period
  • has performed “above and beyond the call of duty”


A Positive Contact can be given at any time.


There is no formal discussion required and the contact is generally not documented.





A Constructive Contact is a normal, day-to-day discussion between a supervisor and an

A Positive Contact is intended to provide coaching and constructive feedback to the


Supervisors are expected to use Constructive Contacts as a regular part of their jobs.


A supervisor should consider making a Constructive Contact:

  • to suggest ways to do the job easier, faster, safer, etc
  • to communicate a need to improve performance to the employee
A Constructive Contact can be given at any time.


Constructive Contacts are non-disciplinary discussions. The supervisor, however, may make
informal notes.