Outcomes of RPC Funding

This page contains a partial list of outcomes of projects funded by the RPC. If you have received an RPC grant and it led to a publication, conference or other talk, or another outcome, please email the chair of the Research and Publications Committee, Tina Chrzastowski, to have it included so that this list can be as complete as possible. For a list of all Library Faculty publications, see the list maintained by the LIS librarian. Links have been made to copies of publications in the IDEALS database where applicable.

Publications by Date

  • Ewing, Chatham. “Visualizing Literary Coteries.” Journal of Modern Periodical Studies. (Forthcoming 2012) [RPC FY 2011]
  • Jin, Qiang. Demystifying FRAD: Functional Requirements for Authority Data. (Forthcoming 2012 from ABC Clio) [RPC FY 2010 & 2011]
  • Kagan, Alfred. Progressive Library Organizations in the U.S., Western Europe, and South Africa. (Forthcoming 2012) [RPC FY 2009 & 2010]
  • Mestre, Lori S. Matching Online Learning and Tutorial Design with Learning Styles: the Student Perspective. Cambridge, U.K.: Chandos Publishing. (Forthcoming 2012) [RPC FY 2010]
  • Sroka, Marek. “‘Forsaken and Abandoned’: The Nationalization and Salvage of Deserted, Displaced, and Private Library Collections in Poland, 1945-1948.” Library and Information History 28 (4) (Forthcoming 2012) [RPC FY 2009]
  • Dougin, Kirstin. “Dissertations in the electronic age: Tapping into Emerging Musicology Research.” Music Reference Services Quarterly 14.3 (2011): 109-130. [RPC FY 2009]
  • Hensley, Merinda Kaye and Emily Love. “A Multifaceted Model of Outreach and Instruction for International Students.”  Ch. 7 in International Students and Academic Libraries: Initiatives for Success. Ed. Pamela Jackson and Patrick Sullivan. Chicago: Association of College and Research Libraries, 2011: 115-134. [RPC FY 2010]
  • Mestre, Lori S., et al. “Creating Learning Objects for Information Literacy: an Exploration in Best Practices.” College & Research Libraries 72.3 (2011): 236-252. [RPC FY 2010]
  • Mestre, Lori S. “Using Mashups and Multimedia to Provide Online user Independence for All Learning Styles.” Fiesta de Excelencia: Celebrating Excellence in Library Instruction: Thirty-ninth National LOEX Conference Proceedings. Ann Arbor: Pieran Press. (Forthcoming 2011) [RPC FY 2010]
  • Mestre, Lori S. “Visibility of Diversity within Association of Research Libraries (ARL) Websites.” Journal of Academic Librarianship 37.2 (2011): 101-108. [RPC FY 2007]
  • Teper, Jennifer Hain, and Emily F. Shaw. “Planning for Preservation During Mass Digitization Projects.” portal: Libraries and the Academy 11.2 (Apr. 2011): 717-739. [RPC FY 2008 & 2009]
  • Wiley, Lynn, Tina E. Chrzastowski, and Stephanie Baker. “Domestic Monograph Collection Assessment in Illinois Academic Libraries: What Are We buying and How Is It Used?” Interlending and Document Supply 39.4 (2011): 167-175. [RPC FY 2009 & 2010]
  • Hahn, Jim. “Information Seeking with Wikipedia on the iPod Touch.” Reference Services Review 37.3 (2010): 272-285. [RPC FY 2010]
  • Bowles-Terry, Melissa, Merinda Kaye Hensley, and Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe. “Best Practices for Online Video Tutorials: A Study of Student Preferences and Understanding.” Communications in Information Literacy 4.1 (2010): 17-28. [RPC FY 2009]
  • Mestre, Lori S. Librarians Serving Diverse Populations: Challenges and Opportunities. Chicago: Association of College and Research Libraries, 2010. [RPC FY 2007]
  • Mestre, Lori S. “Librarians Working with Diverse Populations: What Impact Does cultural Competency Training Have on Their Efforts?” Journal of Academic Librarianship 36.6 (2010): 479-488. [RPC FY 2007]
  • Mestre, Lori S. “Matching up Learning Styles with Learning Objects: What’s Effective?” Journal of Library Administration 50.7-8 (2010): 808-829. Published simultaneously in Proceedings of the Fourteenth Off Campus Library Services Conference, Apr. 28-30, 2010, Cleveland, Ohio: 337-353. [RPC FY 2010]
  • Sroka, Marek. “Reconstruction of Jewish Cultural Sites and Recovery of Jewish Cultural Assets in Post-Holocaust and Post-Communist Poland and Czech Republic.” Proceedings of 2010 Hawaii International Conference on Social Sciences. 2010. 537-553. [RPC FY 2009]
  • Carns, Paula Mae. “Cutting a Fine Figure: Costume on Gothic Ivories.” Medieval Clothing and Textiles 5 (2009): 56-89. [RPC FY 2007 & 2010]
  • Hahn, Jim. “On the Remediation of Wikipedia to the iPod.” Reference Services Review 37.3 (2009): 272-285. [RPC FY 2008]

Conference and Other Presentations by Date

  • Hensley, Merinda Kaye. “Teaching International Students.” Invited panelist for ACRL Academic Library Services to International Students Interest Group, American Library Association Midwinter Conference, 22 Jan. 2012, Dallas, Texas. Forthcoming. [RPC FY 2010]
  • Ewing, Chatham. “Social Networks and Coteries in Mid-Twentieth Century Little Magazines.” Roundtable Presenter, Modernist Studies Association, Oct. 2011. [RPC FY 2011]
  • Anaya, Toni, Robin Kurz, Lori Mestre, and Tess Tobin. “Recent Graduates in LIS Education: How Are They Enhancing Services to Latinos and Spanish-Speaking Communities?” Reforma National Conference IV, Denver, CO, Sept. 17, 2011. [RPC 2007]
  • Hensley, Merinda Kaye and Margaret Edwards.”The Intentional Employer: Strategies for Entering and Integrating into a Community of Practice.” Preconference workshop at ACRL 15th National Conference, Association of College and Research Libraries, 30 Mar. 2011, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. [RPC 2011]
  • Ewing, Chatham. “Network Analysis and Little Magazines.” International Society for Social Network Analysis, Jan. 2011. [RPC 2011]
  • Ewing, Chatham. “Perspective: Literary Analysis and Network Analysis.” Organizer and Presenter for Panel: Networks and Little Magazines. Modernist Studies Association, Nov. 2010. [RPC FY 2011]
  • Kagan, Alfred. “The Social Responsibilities Round Table of the American Library Association.” Deutscher Staatsburgerinnen-Verband Bibliothek, Berlin, Germany, 2 June 2010. [RPC FY 2009 & 2010]
  • Dougan, Kirstin. “Where Have All the Dissertations Gone?” Annual Meeting of the Music Library Association, San Diego, CA, Mar. 2010. [RPC FY 2009]
  • Chrzastowski, Tina E. and Lynn Wiley. “A 5-Year Domestic Monograph Collection Assessment in Illinois Academic Libraries: Use Analysis by Subject and Publisher.” Charleston Book and Serial Conference, Charleston, South Carolina, 6 Nov. 2009. [RPC FY 2009 & 2010]
  • Bowles-Terry, Melissa, Merinda Kaye Hensley and Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe. “Get It to Go: Testing the Usability of Online Library Tutorials. Poster session presented at ACRL 14th National Conference, Association of College and Research Libraries, 14 Mar. 2009, Seattle, Washington. [RPC FY 2009]
  • Chrzastowski, Tina E. and Lynn Wiley. “Monograph Collection Assessment in an Illinois Consortium: What Are We Buying and How Is It Used?” Charleston Book and Serial Conference, Charleston, South Carolina, 6 Nov. 2008. [RPC FY 2009 & 2010]
  • Mestre, Lori S. “What about Mainstream Librarians Serving Diverse Populations?” Spectrum of the Future: National Diversity in Libraries Conference, Louisville, KY, Oct. 3, 2008. [RPC FY 2007]
  • Mestre, Lori S. “Survey of Multicultural Librarianship.” RPC Research Brownbag Series. University of Illinois, Urbana, IL, Mar. 26, 2008. [RPC FY 2007]