LSSC Conferences

The LSSC is responsible for coordinating the details for the two conferences: ALA Annual Conference and Reaching Forward South. Documentation on LSSC’s role in facilitating staff involvement in these conferences can be found on Coordinating Conference(s) Procedures.


The American Library Association is made up of numerous committees, divisions, and roundtables.  It is the main advocacy organization for libraries and the profession.  The ALA Annual Conference is held in June or July.  The ALA Annual Conference has programs designed for the continuing education and development of the fields of library service.  Each year the Library supports scholarships so that two  civil service staff members can attend the conference.

Recent recipients include:

2021 – Chicago IL

  • Karen Huck
  • Jennifer Vargo Hauser

2020 – Chicago IL (Cancelled – rescheduled for 2021)

  • Karen Huck
  • Jennifer Vargo Hauser

2019 – Washington DC

  • Brian Clark
  • Madina Grace

2018-New Orleans

  • Kristin Blankenship
  • Angie Gruendl


  • Lisa Renee Kemplin
  • Tim Hayden

2016 – Orlando

  • Elisandro Cabada
  • Jianying Shou

2015 – San Francisco

  • Erik Chapman
  • Mike Donovan

2014 – Las Vegas

  • Alex Bragg
  • Julie Bumpus

2013 – Chicago

  • Gennye Varvel
  • Elisandro Cabada

2012 -Anaheim, CA

  • Lisa Renee Kemplin
  • Lesley Purnell

Reaching Forward South

The Reaching Forward South conference’s mission is to provide continuing education, professional growth, networking opportunities and social interaction for support staff of Illinois libraries. This conference is held every year.

On behalf of the Library Staff, LSSC would like to thank the Library Administration for their continued support of attendance to this conference.

Note: No conferences were held in 2014-2016

2017 Attendees

  • Margo Robinson
  • Vanessa Biggers
  • Sandra Holloway
  • Pamela Ward
  • Jessica LeCrone
  • Kristen Zidon
  • Shoshana Vegh-Gaynor

2013 Attendees

  • LaVonda Dorsey
  • Sandra Holloway
  • Dani Postula
  • Margo Robinson
  • Elonda Towns

2012 Attendees

  • Vanessa Biggers
  • Wendy Gregory
  • Sandra Holloway
  • Kimberly Lerch
  • Diane Pye
  • Katherine Swan