Learning Commons Update – March 20, 2006

A.  Reconfiguration Work

  1. Carrels being removed this week from lower undergrad (80% of carrels).
  2. Clearing the way for other shifts/consolidations in collections/stacks.
  3. Periodicals moving down (except some titles for the browsing area upstairs)
  4. Media/Reserves unit to be moved down in June
  5. Upper floor work to occur in June/July (shifting, creating new spaces)

B.  Web Work

  1. Extreme Library Makeover Theme of temporary page of undergrad.http://www.library.uiuc.edu/ugl/lc/  and also on the Blog for undergrad.  Page will provide updates of the reconfiguration, pictures, informational documents and space for comments.  This page will be replaced by the “official” Learning Commons Virtual Page when completed.
  2. Learning Commons Virtual Web Page group has drafts of page design, now working on finalizing design and then content will be added.  Goal: to have up by July.  We hope to work towards a more dynamic web page in the future (requires dedicated programming work).  – Many connections possible here for subject areas (other libraries/departments).

C.  Publicity/Marketing Work

  1. Created a plan for marketing, including contacts.
  2.   Creating a series of table tents with short messages:  Extreme Library Makeover (and a few bullets) with URL for more info and credit to DIA.
  3. Will have an ongoing Progress Board to show pictures of the work being done.
  4. 11×14 posters to display in buses, information in Daily Illini and other sources (working with Cindy Ashwill).  Creating, bookmarks and flyers to distribute to groups on campus, contests, radio announcements…
  5. Communication with library departments—how to involve the subject areas and other departments?

D.  Staff Training Group

Developing a staff training matrix of skills needed for the “learning commons” worker.  Will then continue with development of training tools for summer training.

E.  Defined Floor Plan and Furniture Groups

Finalizing floor plans.  Firming up furniture and technology to purchase.  May need to postpone many items until more money is raised.

F.  Computer Peripherals Group —Technology integration (discussing desktop image, authentication, printing, maintenance, future collaborations).

G.  Connection to the Scholarly Commons—keeping an eye to the spaces/services provided here and how they can inform and feed into the development of a scholarly commons.