Illinois Wiki is a tool offered by Technology Services for collaboration and publishing.

How to request an Illinois Wiki account

Any library unit that wants to apply for an Illinois Wiki account for your group or a project, please Log a Work Request with the following information:

  • The name of your Illinois Wiki space – for consistency all library wikis will have ” Library” proceeding their wiki names.
  • The name of your Wiki Administrator – this person will manage your wiki space including giving people permissions and assigning level of permissions.
  • One or two sentence description of the Wiki – what your Wiki is about and the purpose of the use.
  • If you intend to collaborate with non-UIUC affiliated individuals, please specify – if you have names/emails of the individuals, please included them in your request, otherwise contact us with the information later.

Illinois Wiki utilizes the UIUC Active Directory (AD), so Library personnel can use their netid and password to log on . If you encounter a problem with logging in, please contact Technology Services at

If you are designated as your group’s Illinois Wiki administrator and have a question about authorization, please contact the Library IT Help Desk at 244-4688 or Log a Work Request.

How to use Illinois Wiki

The Illinois Wiki is provided as a self-service tool. Following are some documents to help you get started:

  • Help for This Site – Online documentation provided by Technology Servicescovers information ranging from basic to advanced: an introduction of the wiki, FAQ, how to manage a Wiki Space, and help with Macros, etc.
  • An example of a Library Technology Services Wiki: Library Collections Handbook – an Illinois Wiki created by the Office of Collections. It’s viewable by the public and includes a Collections Handbook Wiki Tutorial which has helpful information for new wiki users.

The Illinois Wiki is a local implementation of the Confluence Wiki. The Confluence Users Guide will be your ultimate guide for information about how to work with pages, links, templates, etc.