Log into LibApps

Log in with a shared account

To log into LibGuides, LibAnswers, or LibCal with a shared account, follow these instructions.

  1. If you’ve logged into a web application with your netid in the browser, open an incognito Chrome or private Firefox window, or open a different browser (i.e. if in Chrome, open Firefox and vice versa). This will let you be able to access apps between both accounts.
  2. In the incognito, private, or different browser window, go to: https://go.library.illinois.edu/libapps
  3. The page should redirect you to the UIUC login screen.
  4. Enter the username and password shared with your group in Box. Please do include the @ad.uillinois.edu to the end of the username, as the account it will not log in without it. The complete username will look something like UI-LIB-USERNAME@ad.uillinois.edu.
  5. You should not be prompted for 2FA and log right into the account.

If you run into any issues, please contact the Library IT Help Desk.

Log in with your netid

  1. Go to https://go.library.illinois.edu/libapps to log into LibApps.
  2. The page should redirect you to the UIUC login screen.
  3. Enter your Illinois email address (example: netid@illinois.edu) and password when prompted. It may then ask you to authenticate with 2FA.
  4. You should now be logged into LibApps.

Requesting access

For unit accounts, someone who already has access to the Box file can add you by clicking on Share > Invite people to edit. Do not use a shared link, as that essentially makes the login information public, and violates campus security policy. So if someone needs access, please add their account to the file access instead.

For other uses, such as creating a new account, need to login as yourself, or are unsure who can give access:

  • To access LibGuides, submit a request to libguides@library.illinois.edu.
  • To access LibAnswers, LibCal, LibStaffer, or LibWizard, contact the Library IT Help Desk.