Network Access for Campus Visitors

Technology Services offers the following services for visitors who need access to the Internet while they are on campus:


Visitors to campus can use IllinoisNet_Guest to gain access to the campus wireless network. The temporary account is valid for 1 day, visitors need to re-create an account on IllinoisNet_start every 24 hours. Please note – visitors who have no affiliation with the University will NOT have access to library electronic resources using IllinoisNet_Start.

Step by step instruction: Visitor Access to IllinoisNet_Guest


Eduroam is a wireless network found at educational institutions around the world. Visitors from participating institutions will be able to connect to the Internet at the U of I using Eduroam. For more information on connecting and using eduroam please visit the Technology Services Guide to Eduroam.

Faculty/Staff Sponsored Guest Accounts

Technology Services allows UIUC faculty, staff, and students to create up to two short-term guest accounts at a time. Each account is valid for three days. A guest account provides access to the campus wireless network (UIUCnet) and the Internet, but not to the Library’s e-resources.

Go to CITES Guest Accounts page to set up a Faculty/Staff Sponsored guest account.

As the sponsor, you are responsible for your guests’ actions on the UIUCnet network. Encourage your guests to follow the Campus Appropriate Use Policy and Terms of Use. If problems arise, CITES Security may disable your ability to create guest accounts.

Library-Sponsored Guest Accounts

The Library IT Help Desk helps visiting Library users to obtain Technology Services guest accounts that are valid for up to 30 days. Guest accounts provide access to the campus wireless network and the internet, but not to the Library’s e-resources.

Technology Services holds the department that sponsors a visitor for a guest account responsible for the guest’s behavior when using the account. For this reason, the Library IT Help Desk requires the signature of a Library faculty or staff member in order to create a guest account, along with a copy of a photo id of the guest (Passport picture is acceptable) and their affiliation. The sponsor should accompany the guest to the Help Desk to request the account.

The Help Desk cannot provide assistance to visitors who need help using guest accounts.

Guest Net IDs

Guest Net IDs provide a higher level of service than guest accounts.

Scholars visiting the Library for an extended period of time may contact the University Librarian’s office regarding sponsorship for a guest Net ID. Library IT Help Desk staff cannot help with such requests.

Scholars visiting other academic units on campus may work with their sponsoring departments/colleges to obtain a guest Net ID if needed.