Windows 10

Windows 10 Tips

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Combination Result
Windows Opens and closes Start Menu
Windows+L Locks the computer
Windows+D Brings up the desktop
Windows+I Brings up settings, also has power options (shutdown, sleep, restart)
Windows+C Brings up Charms Bar (contains settings, power, and search icons)
Windows+LeftArrow or Windows+RightArrow Snaps window to left or right side of screen, respectively
Windows+Tab Brings up menu of open apps
Alt+F4 Closes app

Use the Windows key to open the Start Screen and begin typing the name of the file or app you are looking for and it will automatically start searching.

Quickly shutdown your computer

Right-click on the Windows icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the desktop (1) to open a menu with shutdown, restart, and log off options.

Resize Apps

Sometimes when apps open they are automatically full-screen, to resize them, hover your mouse at the top of the screen to reveal the title bar, click and drag the window from the title bar to move and resize the app window. This feature allows you to have multiple apps open and on the screen at the same time.

You can also close an app using the red x at the top-right hand corner of the title bar (Alt+F4 also closes and app).

Adding Apps to your Taskbar or Start Screen Storage Sense

For easy access it is recommended that you pin the primary apps you use everyday to your Taskbar (1) and your secondary apps to your Start Screen (2).

In the Start Screen (2), click on the down arrow towards the bottom-left hand corner of the screen to show your full list of apps. You can pin the apps you would like to the Taskbar or Start Screen by right-clicking on the app icon and selecting the desired option from the menu.

Apps pinned to the Start Screen may be resized by right-clicking on the icon and selecting the desired size, or moved around the Start Screen by simply clicking and dragging.

Storage Sense

To save space on your computer activate Storage Sense it will remove items from your recycle bin that over 30 days old. To activate go to: System> Storage then enable the Storage Sense option.

Night Light

Bright screen hard on your eyes during the night hour activate the Night light to make it easier for you to look at the screen.  To activate  go to: Settings> System> Display