Connecting a laptop to use the MondoPad as a display

Before you begin

Training is required before you can log on to the desktop of the dedicated MondoPad PC.  Training announcements phrased as ‘Library IT’s phase 1 – basic conference room training’ are made on LibNews regularly; you can also check the library staff calendar to sign up for training.

Plan ahead:  Library IT wants you to have successful meetings.  If you are hosting a conference, meeting, or event that may require extra assistance, such as using a new device, or hosting a webinar or video conference, please send an OTRS ticket to Library IT at least one week in advance to schedule a practice run so that we can accommodate you appropriately.

The Mondopad’s touchscreen features are not accessible when using as a display.

*There is NO remote for the display in this room. Use the buttons on the display to power on, adjust volume, and change source. The buttons are located at the bottom of the display.

*There is NO Display Audio when connecting your laptop, you might be able to use your laptop volume (depends on your laptop). If audio is needed, then log in and use the dedicated Room PC.

Connecting a laptop to use the display

Connecting the laptop

Connect the laptop using the VGA, located below the display.

VGA Connection cord used in conference rooms.
VGA Connection cord used in conference rooms.


Power on the Display and your Laptop

Press the “Power” button once located on the lower right corner of the display. It may take up to 15 seconds to power on.

Power button location on the display.
Power button location on the display.

Source – PC

On the Display press the ‘Source’ button, and keep selecting ‘Source’ until PC is highlighted.
PC option on source selector.

Want to log into the dedicated PC instead? See the instructions for using the dedicated PC.

Sound controls and checks


On the desktop when you log on – bottom right corner of the screen for PCs.

Volume control icon in taskbar on Windows
Windows taskbar volume control.


Within your application, be sure that the sound is turned up and not muted.

When you are finished, please:

  • Coil up the VGA cable and return it to the table below the display.
  • Turn off the Display.
  • Turn off the room lights and make sure the conference room door locks behind you.
  • Spills food/beverage:
    • Floor or furniture contact the Office of Library Facilities immediately at 217-333-0317
    • Computer equipment contact Library IT immediately at 217-244-4688

The Help Desk is available at (217) 244-4688 if you encounter any problems.