Using the MondoPad PC

Before you begin

Training is required before you can log on to the desktop of the dedicated MondoPad PC.  To schedule your conference room training, please send an OTRS ticket to the Library IT Help Desk.

Plan ahead:  Library IT wants you to have successful meetings.  If you are hosting a conference, meeting, or event that may require extra assistance, such as using a new device, or hosting a webinar or video conference, please send an OTRS ticket to Library IT at least one week in advance to schedule a practice run so that we can accommodate you appropriately.

Touch screen basics

Please keep the following important points in mind while using the MondoPad:

  • Only use the Mondopad stylus or your finger when writing on the touch screen surface.
  • DO NOT use your personal stylus.  Each stylus is different and can scratch the screen surface.  Only use the MondoPad’s stylus or your finger to write on the screen surface.
  • The touch screen is not a marker board.  No markers, white board markers, pens, or pencils are to be used on the screen.
  • Screen cleaning
    • DO NOT use any chemicals or fluids on the touch screen monitor, including monitor wipes or sprays. These will damage the monitor.
    • Only a microfiber screen cleaner cloth is allowed. The small black cloth is in the room.
    • Clean the screen before you log on.  If you clean it while logged in, you will open up applications.

Logging into the MondoPad PC

Power on the Mondopad

    1. Display – press the “Power” button once located on the lower right corner of the MondoPad. It may take up to 30 seconds to power on.
    2. Remote – select the power button (the red power button is located on the top left side of the remote).Image showing power switch on remote used for room displays

Turn on the wireless keyboard and mouse.

The keyboard off/on switch is in the top-right corner above the number pad. Then, select the enter key to wake up the PC.Image showing keyboard power switch, located on top right of keyboard

Flip over the mouse to locate the on/off switch.Image showing power switch on the underside of the wireless mouse

  Input – PC

  • Display – Press the Input button, then use the CH up and down button until either VGA or HDMI 1 is highlighted. Now, select input button to keep the settings.
  • Remote – Press the “Input” button, then use the arrow keys until PC is highlighted. Now, select OK button to keep the settings. Normally, PC is the default Input setting upon MondoPad startup.
  • The desktop will prompt you to enter Ctrl+ALT+Delete before logging on.  Press Ctrl+ALT+Delete, and then you can sign in with your netid and AD (active directory) password. Want to connect your laptop instead?  See these instructions for connecting a laptop to the MondoPad.

Input selection menu

Using the MondoPad

Three sound controls and checks when using the MondoPad PC

  1.  Display
    • Display buttons – volume buttons are located on the lower right side of the display, denoted by Vol up and Vol down.
    • Remote – volume buttons are located at the bottom right side of the remote.
  2. Desktop –  On the desktop when you log on – bottom right corner of the screen
  3. Application – If you opened a video, check the sound icon at the bottom left of video screen
    Image showing the labelled volume controls on the remote
    Display button volume controls.

    Volume control icon in taskbar on Windows
    Windows taskbar volume control.

And remember…

Once you log into the MondoPad PC, your G and H drives will map automatically.

If using the remote, make sure to point the remote to the remote sensor on the bottom right corner of the MondoPad.

Image showing the remote sensor location on the bottom right side of the display
Remote sensor location on the display – in the bottom right corner.

Three USB ports are located on the right side of the MondoPad screen, above and one step back of the power button.

Image of USB ports on the right side of the MondoPad.
USB port location.

When you are finished using the MondoPad

  • Save any files to the G or H drive, Box, Webmail, or a USB drive.  User profiles are deleted regularly to keep the PC running optimally; any files saved to the MondoPad desktop, documents folder, or C drive will not be available for you later.
  • Be sure to log out of the computer.
  • Power off the MondoPad screen.
  • Please turn off the wireless keyboard and mouse when you’re finished using the MondoPad.  This will ensure the batteries will be usable for the next person.
  • Turn off room lights and make sure the conference room door locks behind you.
  • Spills food/beverage:
    • Floor or furniture contact the Office of Library Facilities immediately at 217-333-0317
    • Computer equipment contact Library IT immediately at 217-244-4688