Create a new calendar in Outlook Web App

Click the “Calendar” icon at the bottom of the left navigation pane to go to the Calendar view of the Outlook Web App. Your default calendar is “Calendar” and listed under “My Calendars” group.

outlook web app: calendar: my calendars: calendar, group

Right click on “Calendar“, select “Create New Calendar” from the pop-up menu.

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Type in a name for your new calendar (in this example, I use “Committee” as the name), and then hit Enter.

my contacts: calendar, group, commitee.

Your new calendar is displayed under “My Calendars” group.

my calendars: calendar, group, committee.

Click the new calendar’s name (or check the box preceding its name), the reading pane on the right side of the screen will display it side by side with your default calendar. For example, we created a new calendar called “Committee“, and click it will display the content of the new calendar in the right reading pane.

my calendars: calendar, group, committees. Calendar, committees.

Now your new calendar is ready to use.