Instructions on how to fill out the “University of Illinois Library Lost/Found Property Card”

The purpose of these cards is to have one central system to better serve our patrons in the recovery of their lost items.  By using this system we eliminate items not being returned to their owners because we lose them, one shift not knowing what the other shift found, multiple lost/founds, people claiming others property and other problems we have had in the past.  These cards are for items of monetary value.  We do not need to file items such as pens, notebooks (unless found with textbook), computer discs, scarves, gloves etc.  Items we should file are watches, laptops, walkmans, textbooks, purses, wallets, coats, etc.  We just ask that you use common sense with this new system.

All items found need to have a card filled out and item labeled with the file number(s) for your library.  Below is a description of how to fill out every aspect of the “Found Property” and “ Recovered Property” sides of the card.  If you have any items that are recovered and not turned in or items that are turned in and recovered your department needs to contact security.  Contact security via *11 fifteen min. prior to the closing of your library and inform us of this. A security Guard will pick up the cards and or property at the end of the day.  If a person comes in to claim the property, and the property is not located in your library, staff members are to direct the claimant to contact security to recovery their property.


If you have any questions or would like Security to go over the procedures with your staff please feel free to contact us @ 202-3480 and leave a message and we can schedule a time with you.


Thank you for your efforts in helping us help our patrons.


University of Illinois Library Security


Found Property Side


Date/Time Item Found-This is for date and time item was found or turned into you.  Ex. January 1, 2004 at 1:32 p.m. would look like this 01-01-04/1332/hrs.  Time should be in military time this eliminates any confusion if people forget to put a.m. or p.m.

Found By-
The person who found this item would have their name here.  If it is a worker then just put first name and initial for last.  Make sure you put library code for place they work.  For example if they work @ the Undergrad. put-in small letters above their name-U.G.L.  If a patron found it get their whole name if you need more room to write their name use the blank space to the left of the card.  This allows us to further investigate the incident if need be in the future.

File Number(s)-This is a little tricky.  If it is the first item found by the Undergrad library this year the file number would be UGL 01-04.  This file number stands for number one item found in the Undergrad. in the year 2004.  Each library should keep a notebook of items that cards were filled out on and this will keep track of what the next item number should be.  So the next item that is turn in at the Undergrad will be filed as UGL 02-04.  The initials stands for your library code.  If you do not know your library code contact main circulation to get it-it is the same as the one used to route books.

Officer Number(s)-This is only done by the Security Officer who recovers the items that are not claimed or the cards after item has been claimed.  DO NOT WRITE IN THIS LINE!!!

Location Item Found-Write down where the item was found.  Was it found at the computer by the window, the Lower Level of the UGL, 3 rd floor of Grainger, Aces study room 230.  Any where it was found needs to be documented here.  You no not have a lot of room so just be precise.

Description of Item-What does the item look like?  Is it a black purse with no handles, a green wallet, and a gold/silver Rolex watch?  Just describe it like you were telling someone on the phone what it looked like.  This is very important because if someone claims the item later we might have to go to court-or for other purposes- and need to know what the item was. If it says PURSE that does not tell us anything.

Model / Serial Number- What is the model?  Is it a Motorola 530I?  Most electronics will be labeled if not do not get too concerned as long as you have a good description of the item.  What is the model number?  This could be important because corporations keep these numbers and could help us in locating the owner if they sent in the warranty information.  This will be mainly on electronics.   This number is in different places for ex. Cell phones have theirs located under where the battery is located and you can find laptops on the under side of the laptop.

Contents of Item-This is for items such as purses, wallets, book bags etc.  Did the wallet or purse have money, credit cards in it?  If so what and how much?  This protects you the finder or person logging it in.  If it has money in it your department should have policies on how to secure this item and you need to make sure YOU document yourself how much by counting it with anyone you turn it over to and who you turned it into.

Where Item is Secured-Make sure you document where you secured the item.  This allows the next shift coming on to know where to locate it or security to be able to find it incase it slips your mind to inform others.  (Trust me with all that we do around here it happens to the best of us)

Recovered Property Side

Date/Time Item Claimed-Write down the date and time item was surrendered by you to the claimant.  Again use for the date MM-DD-YYYY and military time.

Item(s) Surrendered By-
Your name goes here, you-being the person who is giving the claimant the item.

Location of Recovery-Document in this area where you are when giving the item to the claimant.

Name of Claimant-
Write down who the person is that is claiming the item.  This information must be taken off of the persons I.D. and you must make sure the picture on the I.D. matches the person claiming the item.

University/D.L./State I.D.-You need to document in this area the I.D. number which you are using to gather the claimant’s information.  You can use any of the following University I.D., State drivers license or State I.D.  Write down the I.D. number and weather it is an I.D., driver’s license or University I.D.  You must also write which state or university.  Ex. A person gives you a Parkland I.D. write down the I.D. number then Parkland college.  Ex. A person gives you an Illinois driver’s license you would write down the Drivers License number and then put Illinois (IL) drivers license (D.L.). YOU MUST OBTAIN AN I.D. FROM THE CLAIMANT BEFORE SURRENDERING THE ITEM!!!!

Address-Write down the LOCAL address of the claimant.  A lot of people will try to give you their parents address.  Before writing this information down you need to ask “What is your LOCAL address?”  This will keep making unnecessary mistakes because these cards do cost the library money and we all would like to keep the cost down.

University Affiliation-
How is the person claiming the item affiliated with the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign?  This is what needs to be written here.  If they are a Graduate student in L.I.S. or an Undergraduate student in L.A.S. that is what needs to be documented here. If they are a staff member in then list staff/then list their department.

Other-Write down any other relevant information here.

Signature-The claimant should sign the card in this area upon return of the item.  This shows that whoever is the claimant picked up this item that way no one in the future can say they did not get their property back and try to hold the University of Illinois or the University of Illinois Library and their staff liable for their property.

Date-After the claimant signs their name have them date it here.  This states that they received back their property on that date.  Again this is just a security measure to protect all of us.