From the Next Generation Catalog Task Force

Our Library has just begun a trial with the new catalog interface that CARLI has been developing.

See for more information on the CARLI project.

VUFind is a new alternative to the standard WebVoyage we have been using with Voyager. VUFind offers a new look and enhanced services in searching our bibliographic database. It does not replace the current interface but offers the following:

• A single simple search box

• Facets to refine search by subject, title, topic, language, format, and more

• Scopes to user’s local library catalog or easy expansion to search all I-Share
libraries at once

• Up-to-the-minute item status and location information

• Patron-created usernames and passwords

• Links to user’s library account allowing user to save, organize and retrieve records
from any computer just by logging in

• One-click link to reviews

• Social networking tools

• Previews in Google Book Search

Most importantly, VUFind offers significantly improved performance for the requesting function and therefore we are encouraging all staff who may assist our users in making a request to use it instead of WebVoyage.

There is a new link to our branded VUFind interface under the staff page under announcements.

See: Or go direct to:

Peggy Glatthar has offered to be the point person on using this to facilitate requesting in case you have questions immediately on how to create a user account. You may contact her at 333-8400 or email .

We will be offering a session on VUFind and how it compares to current WebVoyage shortly, stay tuned for an announcement. As you have comments, please send them to:

Jenny Emanuel will be working with the appropriate committees to develop a plan to offer this experimental interface to our users. The committee will be offering details on that and a timeline to direct users to this alternative this semester.