Emergency Coverage Policy and CAMELS

During the 2004-2005 academic year CAMELS performed both cyclical work (Reserves, IRRC, Discharging) at peak times and also Emergency staffing when needed (units not opening, staff shortages in crucial public service areas, either in the Main Library or libraries in close proximity – e.g. Communications, ILIR, City Planning).  The Life Sciences Division and Physical Sciences and Engineering Division have their own system to provide emergency relief, including the Applied Life Studies Library, located in the main library building.

From Fall 2005 the CAMELS unit will only handle cyclical work.  Emergency staffing will be covered by the units that can potentially receive such assistance according to the following scheme, effective as of August 22, 2005.

Each of the six Divisions having libraries within the main library building (Area Studies, Arts and Humanities, Central Public Services, Social Sciences, Special Collections, and Technical Services will be assigned four two-week blocks during which time they will be on call for emergency backup.  This will account for 48 weeks of the year.  The only weeks not covered by emergency backup will be the interim period between Summer II and the Fall Semester and Winter Break between Christmas and the end of the first week in January.  The Division Coordinator will be responsible for assigning personnel from the division to be on call. The schedule of which weeks are assigned to each division, as well as the roster of people to call from that division will be available on the web, on the Office of Services page.

Approved by the Administrative Council, August 15, 2005