Arts and Humanities

Statement of Purpose

The Arts and Humanities Division is dedicated to collecting library materials in various languages and  formats in all disciplines falling under the general term of arts and humanities. In continuing to build on the internationally renowned arts and humanities collections of this campus, which have been nurtured since the founding of the university, the contributions of the Arts and Humanities Division’s librarians and staff benefit the entire university community.


  • Courtney Becks
  • Paula Carns, Chair
  • Kirstin Johnson
  • Kate Lambaria
  • David Morris
  • Celestina Savonius-Wroth
  • Marek Sroka
  • Matt Roberts
  • Emilee Mathews
  • Geoff Ross

Division Policies

Arts and Humanities Bylaws: PDF

Former Arts and Humanities Bylaws: PDF

Agendas and Minutes