Division Coordinator Recommendation 2013

EC is currently evaluating the best strategic allocation of Graduate Assistantships to meet library strategic needs. As part of this process, EC has examined the allocation of support for Division Coordinators, including the 25% GAs currently appointed automatically to each Coordinator. EC has made the following recommendation to the University Librarian to allow for the most flexibility in allocating GAs strategically in the future, while still providing the resources required by Division Coordinators:

  • Phase out automatic Division Coordinator GA appointments and re-allocate the eight 25% GAs currently allocated to Coordinators back into the general pool available to all faculty as current Division Coordinator appointments expire;
  • Create a grad hourly funding pool for Division Coordinators to apply for in order to complete specific projects they identify as key to their Division’s needs, not to exceed ten hours per week;
  • Increase the administrative stipend from $3600/year to $5000/yr

Please note that Division Coordinators can still request GAs through the normal process for all faculty. The impact of this recommendation is that it would allow for a more strategic allocation of limited GA resources towards identified areas of need.


Area Studies – Lynne Rudasill – 8/15/15

Arts & Humanities – Chris Quinn – 8/15/15

Central Public Services – JoAnn Jacoby – 8/15/15

Life Sciences – Pat Allen – 8/15/13

Physical Sciences & Engineering – Mary Schlembach – 8/15/15

Social Sciences – Lisa Romero – 8/15/15

Special Collections – Jenny Johnson – 8/15/14

Technical Services – 8/15/15