Reserve Services Task Force


Proposed Task Force to Investigate the Future of Reserve Services

From the Office of Collections and Technical Services: FY16 Allocation Reduction Scenario…

Evaluation of E-Reserves and Physical Reserves Services

Although too late for FY16, the impact of ceasing support for e-reserves is a reality that should be explored. Many other institutions have ceased supporting such operations in their libraries, and although the copyright clearance support that we provide faculty is likely better than that received in colleges or departments, the evolution of course management systems is such that historic e-reserves services are less necessary than in the past. Several options exist, ranging from charging costs for processing and copyright costs back to units or colleges to completely disbanding the operation. In either case, more exploration is needed in FY16 before any possible implementation may be feasible in FY17 that could result in both personnel savings and in savings for technology licenses.

With respect to print reserves, there is likely to remain some need for this in the coming years, but the program should be investigated simultaneously with the e-reserves program.

Additionally, new software integrations make possible new options such as potentially rolling the e-reserve service into campus operations such as Compass for increased ease of use without library mediation.


Proposed Charge

Within the context of examining options for potential savings for FY17 investigate possible changes to the electronic reserve and print reserve services of the University Library, considering the future shape and viability of those services in light of new technologies and changing practices in user behaviors. This investigation should include an examination of e-reserve operations at peer institutions, an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of these implementations, an analysis of how these models would or would not meet user expectations at UIUC, and an analysis of the projected costs/savings of implementing these models at UIUC as compared to current expenditures on this program. Following discussion and further investigation, make recommendations to the Executive Committee regarding the future of these services.


  • Mary Laskowski, Chair(Jul 2016 - No End Of Term Date Available)
    Head, Collection Management Services
  • Cherie' Weible(Jul 2016 - No End Of Term Date Available)
    Head, Central Access Services
  • Dan Tracy(Jul 2016 - No End Of Term Date Available)
    Visiting Librarian for Library and Information Science and Research Support Services
  • Jen Yu(Jul 2016 - No End Of Term Date Available)
    Assessment Coordinator
  • Kirstin Dougan(Jul 2016 - No End Of Term Date Available)
    Associate Professor, Classics Library and Music and Performing Arts Library
  • Mary Schlembach(Jul 2016 - No End Of Term Date Available)
    Head, Chemistry Library
  • David Ward(Jul 2016 - No End Of Term Date Available)
    Reference Services, Undergraduate Library
  • Tom Teper(Jul 2016 - No End Of Term Date Available)
    AUL for Collections and Technical Services

Previous Members

  • Crystal Sheu(Jul 2016 - Jul 2016)