Research Technologies Coordination Working Group


The Library has invested significant time and resources into several areas of research technology support, including the Media Commons, Scholarly Commons, and the Grainger Engineering Library IDEA (Innovation, Discovery, DEsign, and DAta) Lab (GELIL). These strategic investments have a focused directive to support the evolving instructional and research needs of campus faculty, staff and students. In addition, these library units support design learning and design teaching techniques and philosophies that are now being applied in a wide variety of instructional and research activities both nationally and here at UIUC. The Siebel Center for Design (SCD), scheduled to open in 2018, will serve as the nexus in a broad campus design network that will include several Library entities. The Library has an opportunity to become involved in the SCD at the ground level.

The services offered and the resources allocated for digital scholarship and research technologies support in the libraries could be better coordinated to improve effectiveness. These services need to be better described and promoted to both the public and to the Library. Currently, any information passed from one group to another is almost entirely informal and no structured system of internal and external referral exists. Outreach and Engagement efforts are often geared to custom applications with highly specific audiences. For these reasons, we are charging a working group to examine the formation of a more formal Research Technologies Coordination Group.


This working group is asked to:

  • Investigate the need for the establishment of a formal Research Technologies Coordination group or an entity with a similar name and focus;
  • Examine the scope and focus of any formal, permanent group;
  • Examine the role of this group and the Library in general in interacting with the nascent campus design learning network;
  • Examine the relationship of a Research Technologies Coordination group with the proposed Research Support Team structure;
  • Determine how this group will successfully interoperate with existing Library committees (CAPT, EC, USAC, etc.) and the AULs within the organizational structure;
  • Explore the feasibility of this group to function as a hub for coordinating external and internal digital scholarship and research technologies services;
  • Explore all mechanisms and methods that result in more effective research technology service delivery, reduce user confusion, and eliminate redundancy in service offerings;
  • Determine where a Research Technology Coordination Group can provide practical support for the Library Framework for Strategic Action, including:
    • Ensure an integrated and coherent user experience of library services focused on user success in information retrieval and use.
    • Maximize the use and impact of library services, collections, and spaces.
    • Capitalize on the University Library’s national and international leadership to strengthen the research library ecosystem.
  • Develop a mechanism for periodic assessment and review of research technology services.
  • March – April 2017


  • March – April 2017


  • Report due: April 30, 2017.
    • This report articulates the feasibility and usefulness of the creation of a research technologies support group and identifies how this group fits within the context of the Library ecosystem.


  • Jim Dohle, Chair(Feb 2017 - Feb 2020)
    Director of Library IT Production Services
  • Bill Mischo(Feb 2017 - Feb 2020)
    Head, Grainger Engineering Library Information Center
  • Karen Hogenboom(Feb 2017 - Feb 2020)
    Head, Scholarly Commons and Scholarly Commons Librarian
  • James Whitacre(Feb 2017 - Feb 2020)
    GIS Specialist
  • Eric Kurt(Feb 2017 - Feb 2020)
    Media Commons Coordinator
  • Harriet Green(Feb 2017 - Feb 2020)
    Interim Head of Scholarly Communications & Publishing
  • Jim Hahn(Feb 2017 - Feb 2020)
    Prototyping Group
  • Sara Holder(Feb 2017 - Feb 2020)
    Head, Research and Information Services

Additional Committee Information

This working group produced a final report and is no longer active. The successor group is the CAPT Library Emerging and Integrated Technologies Coordination (LEITC).

Periods of Historical Activity

  • 03/01/2017- 04/01/2017

    Reason for committee’s discharge is unrecorded.