Equal Employment Opportunity Committee


Since equal employment opportunity is a commitment made by the University, the Library EEO Committee must follow the guidelines set by the University. However, within the Library the EEO Committee has responsibility to review the job descriptions to ensure that the requirements do not cause exclusion of candidates from protected classes. The EEO Committee should use documentation provided by the chair of the Search Committee to review procedures followed by the Search Committee and to ensure that all EEO guidelines and procedures have been met.  The Committee is advisory to the University Librarian.

  1. Monitoring the search and selection procedures to ensure equal opportunity.
  2. Reviewing all goals and timetables, particularly of those units where the proportions of designated classes in the unit fall substantially below the proportion of designated classes in the field or category.
  3. Assisting units in developing affirmative action recruitment plans.
  4. Reviewing the Summary Form for Proposed Academic Appointments:
    1. Carefully review the AA Summary form.  Remember that when the Office of Affirmative Action receives this form, the appointment has already been made.
    2. The EEO chair is responsible for questioning the search committee members if he/she finds anything unusual or wrong with the search process.
    3. The AA Summary form includes a checklist on the reverse side that lists information that the EEO chair should review.
  5. Performing other duties that may be assigned to aid affirmative action and equal employment opportunity objectives.

Membership Details

The Committee is comprised of one faculty members who serves as chair, with another faculty member appointed by the University Librarian in consultation with the Executive Committee to serve a term as backup to the chair. Members serve two-year staggered terms and may be appointed to one successive term.


  • Susan Breakenridge, Vice-Chair(Aug 2022 - Aug 2024)
  • MJ Han(Aug 2022 - Aug 2024)
  • Kelli Trei, Chair(Aug 2021 - Aug 2023)

Previous Members

  • Skye Arseneau, Vice-Chair(Aug 2020 - Aug 2022)
  • Paula Carns(Aug 2017 - Aug 2021) Served Two Consecutive Terms
  • Lisa Romero(Aug 2017 - Aug 2022) Served Two Consecutive Terms