Collection Management and Planning Working Group


The Collection Management and Planning Working Group is charged with developing a comprehensive, print management strategy for the University Library’s collections that is informed by relevant data, making recommendations to the Library about the continued management of its holdings, and overseeing the implementation of said recommendations. Initial tasks will entail: quantifying current fixed shelving capacity and availability, documenting efforts implemented to date and their impact, detailing pending programmatic efforts that have not yet been implemented (providing approximate costs, timelines, and benefits for said implementations), making recommendations for new and additional efforts that can be implemented to improve the management and leverage the asset that is the University Library’s physical collections, and overseeing the continued management of the Library’s physical collections. Ongoing project activities will seek to incorporate special collections into the development of an overall plan for the management of our physical collections.


  • Tom Teper, Chair(Oct 2017 - Oct 2020)
  • Mary Laskowski(Oct 2017 - Oct 2020)
  • Michael Norman(Oct 2017 - Oct 2020)
  • Jennifer Teper(Oct 2017 - Oct 2020)
  • Cherié Weible(Oct 2017 - Oct 2020)