Affirmative Action Officer


The Affirmative Action Officer:

  1. Initiates departmental discussions in early fall to assess the number of staff openings likely to occur in the current academic year.
  2. Reviews annually the department’s academic goals and timetables.
  3. Reviews, approves, and signs the Pre-Search Approval Form(s)
    • Ensures that, when possible, members of designated classes are appointed to search committees
    • Ensures that Section II.D. Special Recruitment Sources, on the Pre-Search Approval Form, is completed by identifying special efforts to recruit members of designated Classes.
  4. Assists in identifying qualified members of designated classes when filling vacancies in the unit.
  5. Attempts to identify both on-campus and external consultants who may be able to assist in locating and identifying qualified designated class members.
  6. Attempts to discover new and different sources of potential candidates apart from generally available listings and advertising, e.g., newsletters, internet, etc.

Membership Details

The Affirmative Action Officer must be a tenured member of the Faculty and is appointed by the University Librarian in consultation with the Executive Committee.  The appointment is for three years.  The Affirmative Action Officer may be appointed to one successive term.


  • Christie Ann Wiley, Chair(Aug 2019 - Aug 2023) Second Consecutive Term
    Affirmative Action Officer