220 Exploratory Use Team


220 Exploratory Use Team



  • Work within the current physical space to begin transition to multifunctional space, through signage, provision and use of minimal technology and furniture, etc.
  • Brainstorm additional activities to pilot in the 220 space, either via Team members specifically or, ideally, through engaging with others in the Library and on campus; encouraging those related to digital scholarship specifically, but remaining flexible and receptive to other uses
  • To allow for an evidence-based assessment of use, develop standard data collection for activities, including use type, number of participants, and duration, as well as standardized feedback collection from organizers, participants, and room occupants for each activity
  • Create a 220 webpage, akin to the Building Project page, to highlight past and upcoming activities and communicate 220 updates
  • Engage with the 220 remodeling and fundraising process


The results of assessment will be used in the Building Project and 220 design conversations.



Given an initial timeline of working with the architect to develop a mock design of the space in Fall 2017 with an anticipated opening in Fall 2020 at earliest, this timeline has been pushed back. This group may need to exist in some form through 2021, but suggest 1-year terms for flexibility and to allow members to cycle on or off, as needed.



Karen Hogenboom, chair, Scholarly Commons

Alex Cabada, Grainger / IDEA Lab

Paula Carns, Literatures and Languages Library

Jim Dohle, Library IT

Merinda Hensley, Scholarly Commons

Sara Holder, Research and Information Services

Joe Lenkart, IAS

David Ward, UGL

Jen-Chen Yu, Director of Library Assessment

Heidi Imker, ex officio 

Tim Newman, ex officio 


Approved by Executive Committee – 2/11/2019