Transferring to Oak Street High Density Storage

Hold on Transfers to Oak Street (Summer 2020)

For the time being, Oak Street is not accepting transfers without special approval from Mary Laskowski.

Also, we will put updated transfer instructions for Alma up shortly after we switch over.


The CMS staff are now taking care of transferring all materials to Oak Street High Density Storage.

The CMS staff will process all transfers, updating catalog records as needed. Having one unit handle all Oak Street transfers will improve communication, remove some of the workload from departmental libraries, and ensure consistent record maintenance.

If you are dealing with materials already accessioned at Oak Street, please see Library Staff Working with Oak Street Materials.


Small Transfers

If you have a transfer project with only a small number of items (less than 100 total), you can simply:

  1. In Voyager, set each item’s status to “In Process”.
  2. Insert the streamer below in each item.
  3. Put in shipping as usual. (Do NOT route in Voyager.)

Oak Street Transfer Streamers

If you are sending a serial, please either send it all at once, or indicate on streamers for the first and last volumes you are sending what your library is keeping (e.g.: “library has last three years”).

If you wish to send materials to a special Oak Street location other than your own library’s (e.g., sending older materials to Rare Book Oak Street), please call or email us to make arrangements.


Large Transfers

If you have a transfer project with more than 100 items, please submit the CMS Project Request Webform.


Streamers in Stacks

If you–or a GSLIS course you are working with–manually mark Stacks books for transfer to Oak Street using the yellow streamers, please email Mary and Jenny when the selection process is complete:


  • Mary Laskowski <>
  • Jenny Maddox Abbott <>

Please include:

  • Stacks deck(s)
  • Call number range
  • Contact person