September 6, 2012 Meeting of Area Studies

Time and Location of Meeting

September 6, 2012

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Agenda not yet available.

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IAS Library Faculty Staff Meeting

September 6, 2012

In attendance: Yuriko, Shuyong, Setsuko, Joe, Al, Mara, Xiaoping, Marek, Larry, Lynne, Atoma, Paula C., Kit, Maria, Steve, Dmitry, Jan, Debora

  1. Asian Stacks responsibility has now been transferred to CMS-CAS
  2. Thanks to everyone for all the hard work
  3. There will be no more call slips coming to the IAS Library.
  4. There will be a tailgate party for the football game on September 15 in the shuttle lot. The vehicle will be a vintage VW bus.

Mara demos the PB Wiki

  1. Invitations to participate have been sent out.
  3. Everyone can add his or her own contact info.
  4. There will also be an Out of Office calendar set up.
  5. One of the GAs should help to maintain this wiki.
  6. Should there be an emergency manual on the wiki?
  7. Paula C. says that LitLang doesn’t have an emergency manual; they tell staff to:
  8. Get everyone out of the unit
  9. Turn off lights
  10. Shut and lock door
  11. Vacate the premises
  12. A red binder with emergency procedures circulated at one time, but Jennifer Teper should be contacted about the most recent documentation regarding these procedures.
  13. IAS Serials and Microforms
  14. Staff time will be allocated for this
  15. Yuriko will be responsible for the maintenance of serials,
  16. She will work with Acquisitions regarding check-in.
  17. She will also work with the subject specialists regarding binding
  18. She will try to claim, if there is time, though Acquisitions does not claim any more.
  19. Xiaoping will be responsible for the reference collection and microform materials
  20. He will coordinate the system for shelving items in different languages
  21. Reference and User Services
  22. GA training is held on Fridays from 1-2pm; all faculty and staff are welcome.
  23. Subjects which have been, or will be covered: Circ desk, READ scale, PB wiki
  24. GA Projects and Responsibilities
  25. Brian—IAS webpage
  26. Christina—working with Marek, and also with Mara
  27. Denise—IAS webpage
  28. Ximin—Video media and wiki
  29. Ashley—working with Al, but she may also eventually work at the Circ Desk

GA information

  1. GAs work evening (4-7pm) and weekend IAS Service Desk hours.
  2. Generally, there is an undergraduate student assistant (SA) at the desk, and the GA works in Room 317.
  3. GA language capabilities: Polish, Chinese, Spanish

Reference and User Services Group: Joe will be added.

  1. Future meetings to be set up by Lynne
  2. Outreach and Marketing Group—
  3. meetings will be set up for the fall semester
  4. Bookmarks sent to Printing Services
  5. IAS participated in both Quad Day and Taste of Nevada
  6. Paula Carns explained Librarians Live at FLB
  7. Time: 10:45am-1:10pm on Mondays and Wednesdays
  8. Basically it’s just meet and greet: faculty and grad students
  9. It would also be possible to set this up at the Illini Union
  10. They talk about language learning, cultural studies, and literature
  11. They have a poster, give out one bookmark, plus candy
  12. IAS Searches and Vacancies
  13. Latin American and Caribbean faculty member arriving in December
  14. Middle East/North African Studies position
  15. We had two candidates on campus
  16. The search committee made a recommendation to Paula Kaufman
  17. Slavic Reference Manager: Kit Condill has been appointed as Interim Slavic Reference Manager
  18. Larry Miller has agreed to help with reference projects

CDC—Larry Miller

  1. GALE has a new retrospective database—19th English language
  2. Lots of material on Asia, and especially South Asia
  3. The UIUC Library has purchased another unit of JSTOR

Joe Lenkart is a member of the Services Advisory Committee for the AUL for Services, Sue Searing.

  1. UIUC is in the process of purchasing Blackboard collaborate[formerly Elluminate]:
    1. Features:
    2. a Web conferencing
    3. Online instruction services [worldwide]
    4. Users can participate free of charge
    5. Sessions can be archived

Video screen allows face-to-face interaction [specialized reference services

There were no Executive Committee reports

  1. The Mortenson Center meets once a semester

A South Asian Film Festival is planned for 2013

  1. Mara is on the International Outreach Council, and they are planning this festival
  2. There are several other South Asian film festivals and other related around the UIUC campus as well in 2013.

Paula Carns mentioned that Brazilian Independence Day is September 7, and that there would be a party.

  1. She is also putting up an exhibit.

The UIUC Library is short of Slavic cataloguers

Winters (who donated UIUC collection of Slavic posters) just donated some very rare pamphlets about a Czech politician to the UIUC collection.

Pamphlets are temporarily housed in Larry’s Office