September 4, 2019 Meeting of Social Science

Time and Location of Meeting

September 4, 201910:00 am 225b Main Library

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Lisa Romero (Division Coordinator), Andrea Black, Chris Bailey, Yali Feng, Jess Hagman, Nancy O’Brien, Lynne Rudasill, Yoo-Seong Song


Meeting Minutes

September 4, 2019
225b Main Library

Minute taker: Nancy O’Brien

Present: Lisa Romero (Division Coordinator), Andrea Black, Chris Bailey, Yali Feng, Jess Hagman, Nancy O’Brien, Lynne Rudasill, Yoo-Seong Song
Guests: George Gottschalk, Michael Norman, Janelle Sander, Cherie’ Weible

1. Approval of June 5 minutes (see G:/Social Sciences Division/MINUTES/DRAFT Minutes).
June 5 minutes were approved as amended.

2. Announcements and Discussion Items:
o Michael Norman, Janelle Sander, and Cherie’ Weible provided information about the status of the Alma/Primo implementation. PowerPoint slides are available on the implementation website. The go-live date is June 24, 2020 at which time VuFind, Classic Catalog, and SFX will no longer be available. On October 15, all 91 I-Share libraries will have access to a test version of Alma/Primo. The actual cutover period is April-May 2020. After the end of the spring semester, there will be no transactions other than circulation. Janelle provided an overview of circulation systems in Alma/Primo and noted that there are some enhancements. Michael noted that Bean Counter will be replaced by a report system that has yet to be determined.
o George Gottschalk reviewed the ordering process for library material for FY20 and noted early deadlines due to the Alma/Primo implementation. He said that analytics are easier in Alma/Primo. Permissions will need to be designated for each staff person. George also reviewed the GOBI auto-ship plans and encouraged fund managers to set up profiles for auto-ship items. There were questions about university press publications, Springer publications, and communication about changes in procedures. George will send a summary of information to Lisa Romero to share with the Division.
o Lisa announced that Cindy Ingold will be the Division representative to the Faculty Review Committee beginning in December 2019. Nancy explained that because only tenured faculty can be FRC members, the role was currently rotating between Lisa, Yoo-Seong, Cindy, and Nancy. Due to Lisa’s membership to the Promotion and Tenure Advisory Committee and Yoo-Seong’s limited availability, Cindy had volunteered to be the next FRC representative after Nancy’s term ends in December.

3. Reports
• Area Studies Division rep to SSD (Rudasill): Three IAS faculty were granted promotion with indefinite tenure. Steve Witt is back from sabbatical. IAS provided feedback about the Library building project based on IAS needs for space and services.
• Collection Development Committee (Ingold): Nancy reviewed the discussion at the last CDC meeting which she attended in Cindy’s absence. Nancy mentioned that the Desiderata List of items wanted for purchase would be further discussed with criteria for inclusion. Nancy was concerned that the list appeared to focus only on electronic resources due to convenience of purchasing.
• Data Interest Group (Phillips): no report
• Diversity Committee (Ingold, Pionke): no report
• Faculty Review Committee (O’Brien): Nancy said FRC will soon be reviewing and voting on the four promotion cases being considered this academic year.
• LSSC Representative (vacant): no report
• Reference Management Team (Hagman): Jess reported that the committee hasn’t met yet but will be distributing GA training surveys soon
• SSD rep to Central Public Services Division (Ingold): no report
• Staff Development & Training Committee (Ingold, Pionke): no report

4. Round Robin
• Lisa: Work has been busy and she has 30 instruction sessions scheduled in addition to the many tours she has already provided.
• Yali: She has been busy with research consultations, tours, and instruction. She is also investigating a proposal for initiating school libraries in China.
• Lynne: The Center for Global Studies has funds for Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) scholarships for graduate and undergraduate students. The application deadline is October 15.
• Yoo-Seong: He has been busy hosting Korean students and university visits for several programs along with instruction. He is also working on a grant proposal.
• Chris: With 25 instruction sessions scheduled and planning a course for co-teaching IS 101 in Fall 2020 with Emily Knox, he has been busy.
• Jess: She is busy learning the new job and already has two instruction sessions scheduled.
• Nancy: She has 15 instruction sessions scheduled and is busy with the start of the semester. She mentioned that Yali is handling collection development for Labor and Employment Relations this year while Nancy handles instruction and reference for Labor. Division members suggested that Tom Teper be informed of these arrangements.
• Andrea: She is considering becoming the Division representative for LSSC and is attending to see if it is a good fit. She has not yet committed to being the LSSC representative.

The meeting adjourned at 11:15am.

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