September 4, 2014 Meeting of Area Studies

Time and Location of Meeting

September 4, 2014

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

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IAS Staff Meeting

September 4, 2014

Present: Jan Adamczyk, Atoma Batoma, Kit Condill, Laila Hussein, Lisa Renee Kemplin, Urszula Lechtenberg, Joe Lenkart, Xiaoping Qi, Lynne Rudasill, Toshiko Ryu, Antonio Sotomayor, Mara Thacker, and Steve Witt



  1. A group paper was accepted for an ACRL publication on exploring new service models.
  2. Atoma completed training and his first week on the Info Desk and VR Chat.
  3. Antonio will be in charge of the Latin American Collection Development for the newly formed Spanish and Portuguese Departments. Italy is now part of the French Department. There are two new faculty for Brazilian Studies.
  4. Lynne indicated the ACDIS Program will have a visiting scholar from Turkey in residence for the next six months. She will bring him by when she provides a tour of the Library.
  5. Dean Wilkin’s next Library update is scheduled for September 12 from 1-2 in Rm 66.

Awards & Accolades:

  1. Staff are grateful to Atoma for opening his home for our IAS potluck this past Saturday.
  2. Antonio expressed gratitude to all who participated in the Naming Exhibit.
  3. Steve shared his thanks for things running smoothly while he was away.


  1. Review of Needs Assessment for IAS that Joe shared with staff. Some things that came from the discussion include creating a research guide template for all to use, reviewing IAS website pages for consistency and continuity, circulating a best practices for LibGuides, and develop a practice for determining how much space each area gets for serials.
  2. There was also a discussion on whether journals that are available in open access should continue in print form.
  3. Possible upcoming events include hosting a satellite meeting during IFLA’s Ohio meeting next August. Could partner with GSLIS and seek out grant funding.


  1. The new IAS website has been sent to Robert Slater. There will be a usability testing after it has been live for two weeks. Please send comments about the new website. Also noted that SFX has now moved to Carli and EBSCO is now EBSCO Academic Complete. Might want to send a note to contacts suggesting that they change bookmarks.
  2. Reference and User Services will have its first meeting tomorrow. An agenda is forthcoming.
  3. iTEC held its first meeting yesterday. The October Chai Wai Salon topic will be migration, immigration, and refugees; specifically Central America Children Immigrants and West Africans Immigrating to Europe. The November topic is Gender Based Violence in South Asia. It was decided that there will be 2 salons per semester. Please be thinking of a salon that you might host in the spring. Ukraine was mentioned as a possible topic.

Rachel Suntop is the new shared GA who will be working on the bulletin board, blogs, and social media. Twitter is now linked to Facebook. Blog topics should be sent to Joe for approval. Suggested blog topic on the Naming Exhibit.

Discussed possible open house event in IAS.

  1. IFLA Reports-Laila:  Great opportunity to network and make contacts for future projects. Encourage all to attend Data Sites Conference in the future. Lynne:  Stopped in Italy on the way to France and gave a presentation on Cultural Heritage. Standards for Library Archives, Museums, and Monuments have moved forward. Steve was appointed editor of the IFLA Journal. Steve: Spent 5 days in Paris at the UNESCO Archives. Chaired History Session in Lyon.  Attended satellite meeting of the French Library School. The papers and presentations will be published. Helped with recruitment for the Mortenson Center position.


  1. Clarification that subject specialists are not restricted to areas listed on the buying trips proposal. The countries listed were used for examples.
  2. Question on how to reconcile information from places that state they can provide books and are currently in war zones when approved vendors state they cannot get books from these areas. Suggested changing to new vendor.
  3. Lynne is looking for a copy of the movie Library Wars.