September 28, 2020 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

September 28, 20201:30 pm - 3:00 pm Zoom Meeting

Agenda Details




September 28, 2020


Zoom Meeting


  1. Approve minutes – September 14
  2. Question Time
  3. Re-initiating searches
  4. LSSC and LCAP members 2-2:30
  5. Appoint Sabbatical PRC Replacement
  6. Divisional Nominations for Outreach and Engagement Committee
  7. Wellness Committee Charge
  8. Visiting Conservator (1-Year Grant Position) Search Request


Parking Lot:

Recommendations/questions about streamlining the search committee process

Minutes Details




September 28, 2020

1:30-3:00 pm

Zoom Conference Call


EC Attendees: John Wilkin (Chair); William Maher (Vice-Chair); Dan Tracy (Secretary); Mara Thacker, Mary Laskowski, David Ward, Kelli Trei, Jennifer Teper, and Peg Burnette. Lucretia Williams; Recording


Invited Attendees: LSSC/LCAP Chairs and Co-Chairs: Rachel Johns, Erik Chapman, John Laskowski, and Jake MacGregor


  1. Minutes – The September 14, 2020 EC meeting minutes were approved with corrections to the attendees list upon the motion by William Maher and second by Kelli Trei.


  1. Question Time – Dean Wilkin gave an update on the Council of Deans meeting on Wednesday, September 23, 2020. Spring semester 2020 classes are still uncertain/unresolved and may be still a hybrid mix. It was also discussed that there will be no conventional Spring break due to COVID-19. Options are that we can start the semester later or end earlier, dispense with spring break and scatter days off through the semester. We will not have students leave for long lengths of time and come back to campus to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


The Council of Deans discussed the possibility of a Voluntary Retirement Program, but the discussion made it seem unlikely.


The impact of the increased benefits rate, and particularly the impact on grants and people on soft funding, was also discussed at the Council of Deans. There was a dramatic increase with our indirect cost and benefits. There have been meetings at the state level to address both the volatility and the unsustainability of this rate; there was agreement that the high and rapidly changing rate is a problem. The state has some room to mitigate the impact. These benefits costs are under review there are likely to be adjusted downward and is likely to be retroactive at the beginning of the fiscal year. The AULs and Directors are aware of this and that will factor into the grant process. A lot depends on the Office of Naval Research approving what we do, because they are our external indirect cost agency as it relates to soft money. Our rate is 33% higher than our peers.


Dean Wilkin has had some communications regarding the process for a committee to consolidate UGL and Main Library. That topic will be further discussed on an upcoming EC agenda.


  1. Re-initiating searches – Dean Wilkin has been talking with Skye Arseneau about the impact of HR searches. EC reviewed the prioritization list of Library job searches; this list will be revisited and the faculty/AP positions discussed at the next EC meeting on October 5, 2020. Unit heads responsible for the Civil Service positions have been given the go ahead to begin their searches.


  1. 2:30-3:00 – LSSC and LCAP Chairs/Co-Chairs – Dean Wilkin opened the discussion by mentioning the participation with LSSC and LCAP and trying to find ways to be more meaningfully inclusive of all job families in the library; the first step was to have representatives from LSSC/LCAP join EC once a month.


LCAP’s representatives indicated that priority issues with the promotion process for AP’s is a constant conversation, including the move from a pilot program to a formal system. Also, there has been some interest of having more forums for AP’s to discuss topics. They are trying to create better documentation for future chairs. LSSC is currently looking at their own bylaws. They consistently look at staff support issues, and are looking at remote work issues in particular at this time.


Dean Wilkin closed the discussion asking LSSC and LCAP to think more about ways to make our processes more inclusive, with more voice and engagement.


EC discussed with LSSC and LCAP Chairs/Co-Chairs regarding the possibility of restructuring Faculty Meetings and library-wide meetings. LSSC, and LCAP will put on a future agenda to discuss further with the committee members and get broader feedback on desired outcomes for library-wide meetings.


  1. Appoint Sabbatical PRC Replacement – EC appointed a replacement for a PRC member who is on sabbatical. This appointment will end after the sabbatical. Lucretia Williams will reach out to EC’s recommendation and report back to EC via email.


  1. Division Nominations for Outreach and Engagement Committee – EC made member recommendations for the Division Nominations for Outreach and Engagement Committee. Lucretia Williams will reach out to the EC recommended members to see if they are willing to serve on the committee. Lucretia will report back to EC via email of responses.


  1. Wellness Committee Charge – EC suggested some language recommendation for clarity to the Wellness Committee Charge, as well as a question about the size of the membership. A committee will not be appointed until the AY22 committee cycle.


  1. Visiting Conservator (1-Year Grant Position) Search Request – This grant started September 1, 2020 and is a one year visiting AP Visiting Conservator to work on the Gwendolyn Brooks archives. EC will need to appoint a search committee and also appoint a chair. Lucretia Williams will reach out to EC’s chair and member recommendations and report back to EC via email.