September 28, 2017 Meeting of Library Staff Support Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

September 28, 201711:00 am - 12:30 pm

Agenda Details


Agenda for LSSC, 9/28/17


Welcome, Angie Gruendl! Our new Physical Sciences Representative.


Social Events: I have met with the chairs of several committees to talk about this. I am attaching a proposal written by Susan Schnuer for a possible new committee to this email. I would like to send out a survey in the near future in regards to staff wants and expectations on this issue as well. We can also discuss possible events.


Attending AC and Faculty meetings: one spot open for faculty meeting attendance, and a call for anyone else who would like to attend AC.


Meeting with Bill Mischo: Hoping for a late November meeting. In addition to that meeting, we can discuss possible meeting times for November and December, since we have to reschedule those anyway due to Holidays.


LSSC communication –making more use of google drive folder for internal communication, and approaches to external communication.


Interdepartmental Communication – how do folks communicate within their department?


I would also like to know if anyone is willing to meet with BHRSC to set in stone our ALA planning for staff members. Next year’s will be in New Orleans.


Departmental Updates., Skye Arseneau, Emily Kasak, Shoshana Vegh-Gaynor, Danielle Postula, Kyle McCafferty, Angela Gruendl, Jim Cotter, Gennye Varvel, Laura Poulosky, Debora Pfeiffer

Minutes Details


 , Skye Arseneau, Emily Kasak, Shoshana Vegh-Gaynor, Danielle Postula, Kyle McCafferty, Angela Gruendl, Jim Cotter, Gennye Varvel, Laura Poulosky, Debora Pfeiffer


Library Staff Support Committee Meeting Minutes—Thursday, Sept. 28, 2017

Welcome, Angie Gruendl!  Angie Gruendl has volunteered to serve as the new Physical Sciences & Engineering Division liaison to LSSC.  Angie is a Library Specialist at the Math Library and also works two hours per week at Grainger Library.  This was Angie’s first LSSC meeting, and we’re so glad to have her join the committee!

Proposal for New Library Committee for Community Building:  Kyle met with Cindy Ingold, George Gottschalk, Susan Schnuer, and Zoe Revell to discuss the possibility of forming a new Library committee that would focus on facilitating communication and community-building throughout the University Library system.

According to a draft proposal written by Susan Schnuer, “[t]he committee’s goal is to create an organization where honesty, trust, inclusion, and diversity are seamlessly integrated into the daily work of the Library.  The work of the committee will be to focus on developing a robust and vibrant community that supports this goal.  The committee will use a variety of strategies to build a stronger Library community, including educational events, low-cost social events, [and] celebrations of Library and University milestones in unique fashions […]” The membership would be comprised of two staff members, two faculty members, two Academic Professionals, and one Associate University Librarian representative.  Its chair would be elected by the committee members.  Committee members would be elected to serve two-year terms, with all staff, Academic Professionals, and faculty eligible for election, with the option of removing one’s name from the ballot before each election.

LSSC discussed this proposal and agreed that we would support the formation of this new committee as soon as this is feasible.  Emily suggested that the proposed committee consider placing a greater emphasis on the facilitation of Library-wide communication, part of which could involve visiting various committees to discuss how their current work and projects might present opportunities for collaboration, helping to advance both individual and collective committee work.  She also suggested it might help, with the proposal, to include some possible examples of specific goals, tasks, and proposed projects the committee might take on (knowing this is a preliminary list).  Skye suggested that Library employees think about how best to tap into our own resources to come up with ideas for informal no- or low-cost social events to facilitate interaction between employees throughout the Library.  Kyle will communicate LSSC’s support and these suggestions back to Cindy, George, Susan, and Zoe.


Administrative Council and Faculty Meeting Attendance:  Kyle will continue attending Administrative Council meetings as the representative from LSSC, with Debora serving as alternate.  Kyle and Angie will attend Library Faculty meetings, with Debora serving as alternate.


Meeting with Bill Mischo:  We have invited Interim Library Dean Bill Mischo to visit our November LSSC meeting (now scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 29th).  At our October LSSC meeting, we will prepare a list of our questions for Bill.


LSSC Communication:  To facilitate LSSC’s internal communication, Dani has set up a new Google drive where she has put the document for announcing ALA staff scholarships and where we can also put our meeting schedule, agendas, minutes, to-do lists, etc.  Emily has now sent a link to the Google drive that LSSC members can download in order to have quick access to it on our computers.

In regards to LSSC’s external communication, we’ve decided to start sending the link to our minutes each month to the LIB-Staff listserv once the minutes have been posted to the web.  Skye also suggested we send an annual email to the complete list of civil service employees (which she has in Human Resources) in order to make sure that all employees have been receiving LIB-News, LIB-Staff, LSSC minutes, etc.  We also mentioned the possibility of holding New Employee brownbag lunches at which LSSC could answer questions that new employees may have about Library-wide communication or other Library issues.


ALA Scholarship Process Guidelines:  Through a Google Calendar, as well as other documentation, Dani has set the timeline and steps for announcing, awarding, and following up on staff scholarships to attend the annual American Library Association Conference.  She will meet with staff in the Business & Human Resources Services Center to formally document these steps, so that the process will be easier for us to follow in the future.  The next ALA Conference, in June 2018, will be held in New Orleans.


Committee Reports:


Social Sciences, Health, & Education:  Gennye reports that Peg Burnett, the Biomedical Sciences Librarian is no longer a member of the Social Sciences Division. Peg has moved to Grainger and is a part of the Physical Sciences & Engineering Division now. She will eventually be part of the new Carle College of Medicine Library’s functions.  A new Librarian in the Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library (SSHEL), Yali Feng, will start on October 16.  Holly Mansfield, a Senior Library Specialist in SSHEL, will work her last day there on October 6. She will be moving on to the Molecular & Cellular Biology Department, where she will be an Administrative Assistant to the Director.


Arts & Humanities Division:  Shoshana reported that Ricker Library of Architecture & Art History will hold a celebration of its 100-year anniversary on November 7th.


Physical Sciences & Engineering Division and Life Sciences Division:  Angie reported that the Physical Sciences & Engineering Division and Life Sciences Division held a joint meeting on Wednesday, September 27. Here are the highlights of that meeting:

CDC Report

  • Springer/Nature has broken up the core collection. Per Wendy Shelburne, individual titles can be added.
  • Collegiate Readership Program – sponsored by the Office of the Dean of Students. Program is provided through student fee. As the papers are not being used, ODOS may partner with the library to provide electronic access.
  • There will an inflation shortfall for FY19. May need to cut journals that have a high cost per use and use ILL to get access. Will need to have conversations with the faculty about the potential cuts
  • Library will be part of the second phase of the BTAA shared print repository.
  • Web of Science report. Kelly Trei discussed the 21-page report investigating Web of Science use. There was a quick turnaround time on the survey and there was not enough time or data to make a decision. If a decision is made to change/discontinue Web of Science, Library should leave at least a year of lead time to talk with faculty.

Karen Hogenboom came to talk about the room 220 planning group and invite a representative from PSED to join the group. The group will serve in a more advisory capacity and have a monthly meeting. The workload should not be as intense as the previous group’s work. This space is available for campus-wide use (e.g., conferences, events, presentations). Although it will not be fully operational until 2020, there are already five events planned.

Mary Schlembach shared that schools in Life Sciences ( ) and the Department of Bioengineering are working with 50 faculty to bid on becoming a National Cancer Institute Cancer Center (

In FY19, there will be more money for the College of Medicine collection.

Tom Habing and Jim Dohle spoke to the group:

  • The campus is moving toward using two-factor authentication. People in the Library may have used Banner to get fund reports. They will need to begin using the two-factor authentication to get this information. As the campus can’t require people to use their personal devices, you can request a token (a USB key/dongle) to get the passcode used by the two-factor authentications.
  • The campus is in the early stages of rolling out campus-wide printing. Billing will be changing as of January 1 and students will have to use Illini Cash to pay for printing. Tim Cole requested that Library IT provide information that can be posted by computers to inform students of the change. The College of Engineering will be joining the campus-wide printing system next year. Moving to campus-wide printing is in response to student confusion when it comes to printing.
  • The above point led to a conversation about the lack of campus communication that happened around both the logo change and printing.
  • As machines are replaced in the Library, they will be upgraded to Windows 10.
  • All unit websites have been migrated from Open CMS to WordPress. They will begin working on moving the staff pages to WordPress. For the committee pages, they will work on a logic structure that will make uploading/displaying information easier.
  • The contact pages on the unit websites have added pictures (if a picture is available). The information on the contact pages is pulled from the official campus directory. They are working on documentation on how to change information and add a picture.
  • Discussed moving from http to https
  • The MPAL website will be part of a usability pilot. They hope to turn what is learned from the pilot into a program that can improve the usability of unit websites.
  • Sarah Williams mentioned that there had been some issues with the DIBS program. The DIBS program may be revisited.


Peg Burnette has moved to Grainger Library.


The University is a member of the Dryad Digital Repository ( Because of this partnership, Research Data Services has five vouchers that researchers can request to cover the data publishing cost. They are available on a first come first served basis. To learn more, see


Residence Hall Libraries:  We are happy to report that Allen and FAR Libraries have now been reopened, following extensive renovations.  Staff at those locations are eagerly unpacking the rest of our materials that are still in boxes.  When you have the chance, please visit to see these beautiful new spaces!  Anyone with an active I-Card (students, staff, and faculty) can check out Residence Hall Library materials, which include books, DVDs, CDs, magazines, board games, external disc drives and cell phone chargers, and video games (at the IKE and FAR locations).


The Residence Hall Libraries’ academic year hours are:


Ikenberry Library (Champaign)

Sun. 2 pm to 12 am

Mon.-Thurs. 10 am to 12 am

Fri. 10 am-9pm

Sat. 5-9 pm


Urbana Libraries (Allen, FAR, and ISR)

Sun.-Thurs. 2pm to 2 am

Fri. & Sat. 5-9pm


The Residence Hall Libraries will be holding One Book One Campus Book Club discussions of Ms. Marvel, Vol. 1: No Normal by G. Willow Wilson at the following locations and dates, at 7 p.m.:  Oct. 17th –ISR Library; Oct. 19th –FAR Library; Oct. 24th –Allen Library; and Oct. 25th –Ikenberry Library.


Administrative Council:

  1.    Update on recent and future changes to public printing (Habing)

Campus is working on how to best communicate to students regarding options for printing.

  1.    Two Factor Authentication requirement (Habing)

Campus is having a hard time keeping authentication tokens in stock. For staff who are frequent users of Banner, HRFE, or Paris and who would prefer not to use their personal cell phone or tablet for authentication, the Library currently has a small number of tokens in stock which we can issue to people who need them. If you need one submit a ticket to OTRS.

  1. End Point Services
    Method to deploy software, updates and security patches to Library workstations and laptops.
    Library IT is engaged at the campus level to push for centralized services for cost savings.


Faculty Meeting: Faculty meeting was cut short so that faculty could attend new faculty members get together. Bill provided a detailed update on the budget, which should be available to be viewed, as it was filmed.

A new job posting/recruiting tool was discussed by Donna Hoffman and Greg Knott. It is called Handshake and should be available through the university. BHRSC would have more information for those interested.