September 26, 2019 Meeting of Library Staff Support Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

September 26, 2019

Agenda Details


LSSC Meeting Agenda – 9/26/19


  1. Welcome New Members!
  2. Approve Minutes

III. Liaison Reports and Updates

  1. Election of Officers
  2. Building Project Updates
  3. Other News, Comments, and/or Updates

Minutes Details


Erik Chapman (Life Sciences) * Minute-Taker

Lonnie Clark Jr. (Central Public Services)

Ben Riegler (Central Public Services)

Rachael Johns (Technical Services)

Brian Clark (Technical Services)

Tony Hynes (Special Collections)

Julia Cross (Residence Hall Libraries)

Andrea Black (Social Sciences – Prospective)


  1. Welcome New Members!
  2. Approve Minutes

Minutes from 8/22/19, approved.

III. Liaison Reports and Updates

  1. Life Sciences:

Ideas for programming/activities for Room 200 Main Library were presented by Elisandro Cabada, mostly a call for feedback and ideas for ways to use that space.

The Library Strategic Planning Committee’s work is complete.  The 2019-2023 plan was made available via LibNews on 8/27/19.

Ideas were generated on the topic of the Strategic Hiring Plan.

  1. Social Sciences:

Spoke about the upcoming Alma implementation, as well as ways to improve GA training at SSHEL and the shortened fiscal year.

  1. Technical Services:

Began planning for the Building Project, i.e., how the move will work.  The search to fill Miriam Centeno’s former position is moving forward.

  1. Special Collections:

Special Papers are not included in the move to new space, although some services relevant to these collections may be offered there.

Planning for this new model has been proposed, including the possibility of job shadowing to minimize staff / patron confusion regarding local customs.

Ideas were generated on the topic of the Strategic Hiring Plan.

Collection Building Plan has been released.  The Map & Geography Library, Sousa Archive, Student Life Archive, and Faculty

  1. Residence Hall Libraries

The recent discovery of a noose in an elevator inside the residence halls was discussed, specifically how the libraries could play a role in dispersing information to students.

One Book One Campus is underway and this year includes a Book Club option for students, as well as a club for members of the general public.

The Alma implementation was discussed.

  1. Central Public Services

Karen Hogenboom spoke on the topic of remodeling Rm 220 Main Library, mentioned that there is not a timeline for the project at present.

A Government Information Librarian position was discussed, proposed as a 3 year visiting position.

Sara Benson spoke about her ongoing research on Emotional Responses to copyright.

Ideas were generated on the topic of the Strategic Hiring Plan, of which, one, a graphic designer, is a civil service classification.


  1. Election of Officers

Ben Riegler was voted in and accepted the role of Committee Chair; Erik Chapman was voted in and accepted the role of Vice-Chair; Kim Hutcherson (Administrative Services / BHRSC) was nominated for Secretary.  It was determined that Erik would e-mail her and the vote would take place by e-mail, should she accept the role.

  1. Building Project Updates

No new information.