September 24, 2020 Meeting of Library Staff Support Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

September 24, 2020

Agenda Details


LSSC Meeting Agenda 9-24-20

  1. Approve August Minutes
  2. Liaison & Committee Reports
  1. Proposed work with E.C.
    1. updates
  2. Remote/On Site Work Climate Survey
    1. additions/ things to address for the future?
  3. Website update
    1. idea: adding new employee resources
  • Other Comments and Updates
    1. Diversity Committee (social distanced option)
    2. Development & Training (ODT) sub-committee work (response to Alma Training Committee)
    3. Building Project mock-ups
    4. Conference awardees (follow-up)
    5. By-laws

Minutes Details


Kim Hutcherson (Administration)
Jan Adamczyk (Area Studies)
Karen Huck (Arts & Humanities)
Kristen Blankenship (Central Public Services)
Jessica Sommers (Law)
Eik Chapman (Life Sciences)
Bernadette Braun (Physical Sciences)
Julia Cross (Residential Hall Libraries)
Tony Hynes (Special Collections)
Rachael Johns (Technical Specialist)


Minutes for September 24, 2020 meeting

Approve August Minutes: Approved with no corrections.

Liaison Reports and Updates:

Administration: Annual Ethics Training begins October 1 through October 30th, watch for emails.

Administrative Council:  No meeting

Area Studies:  Discussed long time agreements with vendors, even after pandemic will still spending amounts of hours and funds.

Arts & Humanities:  updating bylaws; discussion about who votes, would like to include staff in bylaws; impact of budget, significant movement for project muses 2021-22; Organizational Training and Development came up with plans to look at diversity training and Alma/Primo awareness training such as how to access what you don’t know and getting that information to you.

Central Public Services:  no meeting

Central Access Services: CAS has been busy with requests.  There are 100 new lockers and locker schedules.

Law: Discussed Alma issues such as serials check in binding and switching to Alma; Talked about how they are not hiring student workers at this time and how that effects how shifting and filing.

Life Sciences:   Discussions on how Alma is doing.  Discussed  Grads projects being virtual, and the cost of e-books.  Discussion on e-book funding, cannot buy an e-book every time someone makes a request.

Physical Sciences and Engineering: No meeting

Grainger:  Opened September 14, going well.  Pickups are at the circulation desk

Residence Hall:  Closed down during that 2 week period University closed services;  in discussions about hours between Thanksgiving and spring semester due to students allowed to be in residence halls.  Grad student working with UGL to plan remote activities such as book club.  ACES might be included with programing activities.  Figuring out cataloging when it doesn’t work properly.  Electric resources are paid by residence hall; Main Library not going to pay, therefore there is a wait. Working on issues.

Special Collections:  online exhibits are getting under way, working with IT on final points; more discussion on guidelines on how University affiliates have access to archival material; building project back on track, people being assigned to sub groups of the working group 4 sub-groups.

Technical Services:  no meeting.

Preservation: One month into digital fulfillment Scholarly Commons Booki experiment.  Without patron access, Scholarly Commons temporary loaned it to preservation; library sending materials to preservation; if libraries are willing to write on the slip if book is preferred or digital, this would help with the triage

LSSC Website:  Favorable for adding a note with links for new employees on the LSSC site. Kim Hutcherson will work on this.

Upcoming Events

Other news, comments, and updates:

ALA:  Question answered by John Wilkin regarding the 2020 ALA winners/

Those who were awarded support for the canceled conference will have their support rolled over. Our ability to support two additional people for 2021 will depend on our budget. If the conference is in-person and involves travel costs, and if our budget continues to be limited, we are unlikely to be able to support two additional people. We will need to wait until January before we can make a decision about two additional attendees for 2021.

Bylaws:  Rachael Johns will send a libnews email to ask civil service to review the Bylaws and let us know if approve