September 20, 2012 Meeting of Area Studies

Time and Location of Meeting

September 20, 2012

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Agenda not yet available.

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IAS Faculty/Staff Meeting Minutes –September 20, 2012

  1. There are visitors coming from the University of Pretoria from their Master’s degree in Information Technology program. The lectures and schedules will be coordinated by Steve.
  2. Explanation of changes in Break Room and Supply Closet.

CSAMES received their grant, so there is funding for the film festival

  1. Grant will create an undergraduate degree and two positions
  2. Lynne set up Reference and User Services Meetings
  3. IAS is not overwhelmed with questions
  4. There is a form for long reference questions which Lynne will put on the G drive.
  5. There is a fine line between reference and instruction
  6. It is good practice to keep track of databases and other resources used in reference transactions
  7. Are multi-lingual tours considered outreach or instruction?
  8. Is research consultation with a grad student research or instruction?
  9. How do we record these statistics?
  10. We could ask Sue Searing how to record these stats.
  11. Outreach
  12. Mooncake Event will be October 1.
  13. Purpose: to help people discover our space
  14. It would be great if faculty and staff could be around to answer questions during this event.
  15. Start time 11am—end time?
  16. Mara and Setsuko will be available to offer support
  17. IAS bookmarks came in and we hope to have a calligraphy workshop so that we can give some of them away.
  18. Slavic Reference Service
  19. Staff is finishing the online research guides
  20. This could be a blog topic

We’re trying to launch an IAS blog formally

  1. GAs will write posts
  2. GAs will interview librarians regarding specialist areas of research
  3. All special events to be blogged will be assigned to a GA

Faculty Searches

  1. We don’t have an official word on the Middle Eastern/North African appointee but we should have an update by Friday.
  2. CDC has its first meeting of the academic year next Tuesday. It’s always the last Tuesday of the month at 3pm and has been held at this time for the last 30 years.
  3. Joe will be meeting with Sue Searing soon (AUL for Services)
  4. Card catalog project
  5. Shelf lists to be moved to sub basement
  6. Serials to Reference Room
  7. Some larger analyzed sets are not in the online catalog.
  8. Thousands of monographs in card catalog but not online.
  9. Card catalog sometimes gives lots more info than online entry.
  10. 10-15 years ago patrons did use it
  11. Our unit will be affected by the move of the card catalog more than other units
  12. Should we scan the cards
  13. Should we separate the cards which pertain to IAS subjects?
  14. Online catalog does not represent the Slavic collection

Is there a floor plan for Bookstacks Decks 7 & 8?

  1. This is 80% complete
  2. Users have complained that they can’t find their materials
  3. Things are still changing
  4. Steve will consult Cherie W. about the progress of this project


  1. First meeting regarding PRIMO instruction has happened
  2. One major database is not indexed in PRIMO
  3. Almost all other academic libraries now use PRIMO successfully

ORR needs to be expunged from all web pages

  1. Slavic has lots of ORR links
  2. Ximin will coordinate Google calendar on the IAS wiki
  3. Faculty and staff should send extended absences to her so that she can add them
  4. Please give as much advance notice for absences as possible.

Japanese Studies Office Hours in FLB: Wed. 3-4pm; Ryuta K. will cover

13 millionth volume:

  1. Libguides to be made
  2. Blog entry to appear

LAC new hire Antonio Sotomajor will arrive Dec. 16, 2012

  1. His spouse will be a foreign language cataloguer and work with RBML also
  2. She knows Hebrew Aramaic, Latin, Greek and Romance languages

All faculty and staff invited to a Tailgate event in Champaign Shuttle Lot E14