September 20, 2004 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

September 20, 20041:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


  1. Gift Ban Policy (copy attached)
    Outcome: review and approve
    20 minutes
  2. Reducing the Size of Unit Annual Reports
    Outcome: Agreement on reduced size
    15 minutes
  3. Statement of Responsibility for Training
    Outcome: Agreement about who’s responsible for what
    20 minutes
  4. Announcement and Updates
    15 minutes

Minutes Details


Bob Burger, Acting Chair, Jan Adamczyk, Tina Chrzastowski, Barbara Ford, Lisa German, Lisa Hinchliffe, Janis Johnston, Lyn Jones, Tom Kilton, Betsy Kruger, Bill Maher, Beth Sandore, Diane Schmidt, Karen Schmidt, Sue Searing, Karen Wei, Joyce Wright


  1. Gift Ban Policy – GermanAfter discussing the policy the Committee determined the Library did not need an additional policy, but just guidelines to help clarify the University and State policies. Lisa German and Nancy O’Brien will work on a set of guidelines. Lisa Hinchliffe will ask the training team to incorporate ethics training into the training received by new hires, including department heads. Lisa German and Karen Schmidt will talk about conduct with vendors in fund manager training sessions.
  2. Reducing the Size of Unit Annual Reports – BurgerAfter discussing the Committee determined each unit could decide the size of the annual report based on how they choose to use it, as long as it conformed to current guidelines regarding minimum length (2-3 pages) and required sections.
  3. Statement of Responsibility for Training – BurgerThe Committee would like clarification of “staff” in the document; does it mean all staff, non-ac, or academic. The document has been accepted with the change.
  4. Announcements and UpdatesJanis Johnston and Sue Searing along with Paula Kaufman make up the Agenda Committee this year. You can send agenda items to any of them.

    Lyn Jones reported that the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics declared the September 11 UCLA game “University Library Day.” Part of the proceeds from the tickets will go to the Library and the Library received nice coverage.

    The Library Friends and Campaign Steering Committee met on September 10 for the first time. At the meeting Lyn reported on the Mellon match and the Campaign total overall. We currently have $940,000 towards the $1.4 million for the Mellon match. As of September 1 the Campaign is at $12 million. Interim Chancellor Herman addressed the group. That evening Mrs. Stukel hosted an event for the Library Friends and approximately 150 people attended along with Paula Kaufman, Guy Fraker, President of Library Friends, and Fred Guyton, Chair of the Campaign Steering Committee.

    The Development Office is currently interviewing candidates to replace Sharon Kitzmiller.

    Barbara Ford reported that the Toronto visitors will be arriving September 21. Everyone is welcome to attend and participate in their schedule. We are working to develop concrete projects with them. The visitors are Judith Snow, Associate University Librarian, Jenny Mendelsohn, Head of Reference, Mary Ann Mavrinac, Head of Campus Libraries, and Karen Turko, Special projects and Technology & Preservation.

    Bill Maher reported that the first candidate for the Rare Book and Special Collections position would be interview on September 21. They have a group of top-notch applicants and the search committee would like the faculty’s input. AC and EC will meet with each candidate and each candidate will be giving a presentation followed by a reception.

    Sue Searing asked if the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics will be making Library Day an annual event. She would like to see the Library get a block of seats so everyone could sit together as a group.

    The Library Campaign was highlighted at half-time on the scoreboard but was not shown on TV. Lyn Jones will look into setting up a laptop that will play the commercial for those who want to view it.

    Tina Chrzastowski would like the Committee to talk about the changes that have been sent to the Bylaws committee at the next AC meeting. The changes include the membership and number of meetings.

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