September 19, 2013 Meeting of Area Studies

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September 19, 2013

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IAS Staff Meeting Minutes – September 19, 2013

Present: Lynne Rudasill, Atoma Batoma, Larry Miller, Laila Hussein, Paula Carns, Ximin Mi, Antonio Sotomayor, Dimity Tartakovsky, Yoo-Seong Song, Shuyong Jiang, Xiaoping Qi, Joe Lenkart, Mara Thacker, Steve Witt, Kit Condill, and Lisa Renee Kemplin

Presentation: Michael Peters from ProQuest discussed a joint project with Tom Teper that allows librarians to purchase items at a 35% discount. Michael will be back in the area in a few weeks and will meet individually with interested Subject Specialists to talk about their collection needs. In order for ProQuest to get credit, the purchases need to be delivered by mid-November.

Announcements: There is funding for strategic purchases through both the IP10 Fund and the George Bonn Endowment. This would be used for items that might fill a gap, be unique, or for rare opportunities i.e., traveling to another country and making purchases while abroad.


Mara announced that the IAS Reference and User Education Committee will be meeting on Monday, September 30 at 1:00. Members include Lynne, Kit, Lisa Renee, Shuyong, and Mara.

Steve gave report from the Hub Management Team. Staff needs to make sure that if they request a swap, they also take shifts to make up the time so that hours are equal. Kathleen will be sending an email in late September to those who may be deficient in hours. The scheduling for the next semester will begin in November.

Outreach/Events: Reception for the President of Bosnia on October 1 at IAS from 5-7. The President, his wife, and security detail will be hosted. The reception will include the Balkanalia Ensemble and drinks and appetizers. Set up will begin around 3pm and anyone who can help move tables would be greatly appreciated. The calendar for that day includes a key note speech at noon at GSLIS 126 followed by a round table which is scheduled to end at 4:30. Bos Tel will be televising the event. Steve will circulate the flier to staff.

International Student Outreach and Dr. Lailitha Muthuswamy will be tabled until next meeting.

Discussion: Lisa Renee brought copies of the Voyager permission forms and descriptions for future reference when hiring new employees. IT needs very specific details on permissions for hiring requests.

Steve demonstrated how to use the IAS Web Arching Project site. This site should be live by October 3. Staff is encouraged to check on their pages to make sure that they are in order and make any necessary corrections. Ximin is the contact for log in questions.

Suggestions for Internet Archive Project should be submitted to Steve and Betsy Kruger.

Joe reported that training on IAS Webinars will happen the first week of October. Lisa Hinchliffe will conduct the initial training and then IAS staff will be able to continue the training with our staff.

Next meeting is scheduled at 10am on October 2.