September 19, 2011 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

September 19, 20111:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


1 – Update from IT (Beth Sandore)


2 – update on ongoing and upcoming Faculty and AP searches (Scott Walter)


3 – choice of a new agenda committee (Caroline Szylowicz)

Minutes Details


Beth Sandore (meeting chair), Tina Chrzastowski, JoAnn Jacoby for Cherie Weible, Chris Johns, Jenny Johnson, Mary Laskowski, Lisa Romero, Marek Sroka, Carolyn Szylowicz, and Greg Youngen


Update from IT (Beth Sandore)

1.  Migration to Unified Communications:

  • All Library faculty and staff who had a CITES Express email account have been migrated to Outlook.
  • The International & Area Studies Library (IAS) is the first group on campus to test out the new Lync system: IAS library staff have been trained to use the internet phone (voice over IP or VOIP) system.
  • CITES is working hard to make the e-911 emergency response service a reality, but they do not know when it will be up and running. This will allow VOIP phones to dial 911 to get an emergency response. Currently a land line is required.
  • CITES doesn’t have guidelines developed yet for e-911 use at this time. Emergency communications using the Library Phone Tree under various circumstances requires backup use of the Emergency Contact List and cell phones, such as in a power outage (cordless handsets, which will not function in a power outage, are noted on the Phone Tree.)
  • Remind everyone to print out a hard copy of the Library Phone Tree and Emergency Contact List as these documents would not be available on the web during a network outage.
  • The remainder of the Library’s imigration to VOIP is not imminent; it’s scheduled for Spring/Summer 2012 or more likely sometime in early FY2013.
  • Tina C. mentioned a phone charge/fee for transition or migration on the Chemistry Library bill, and has asked the Library Business Office to look into this. No one else recalls seeing this on any recent bill.

2. The SFX/Discover link resolver up-and-down issues:

  • Known problems to the recent SFX/Discover upgrade did not manifest during the tapering use of e-resources at the end of last semester, however with a new semester beginning and increased use, users and Library IT have become aware of serious issues. Conversations with other libraries and CARLI have not resulted in a permanent fix for this. At this time the only reliable thing to do is take SFX/Discover down and bring it back up repeatedly. We are not sure why this works, and think it has something to do with how the software update was put together by the vendor.
  • There is considerable concern within CAM, Library IT, Bill Mischo & Grainger and other areas about this problem. No one currently on staff has the ability to bring us back to the previous release of the software, and ExLibris has not indicated when a fix will be released. The full-time person who managed these systems left in late spring, and now 4-5 Library IT staff are pitching in share covering that role. A search is currently underway for someone who can come in who will know this software. Much concern and energy are being directed towards this around the clock: it’s not an easily-resolved problem. The Library is at a difficult juncture, and unfortunately training existing staff to deal with this (steep learning curve), is not an optimum way to allocate our limited time and energy.
  • Another option being considered is to move to a hosted service so we don’t have the responsibility to trouble-shoot. Some other libraries do have ExLibris hosting for them.
  • ORR: Library IT has no current resident expertise to maintain this. One concern about SFX/Discover is subject access (RE: ABNI). A complete list of databases would be helpful (this is part of the implementation team plan, but hasn’t been done yet). Currently EasySearch, the VuFInd interface, A-Z list, and Voyager does what the ORR did before. Priority is to stabilize SFX/Discover. Note that there are no more updates going in to the ORR because it is not being maintained. ORR will probably be kept in service for a while during the migration process.
  • Suggestions for working in light of SFX/Discover up/down issues, and to provide system alert communications should be sent to Beth Sandore who will forward them to the implementation team.

Update on ongoing and upcoming Faculty and AP searches (Scott Walter, report via Beth Sandore)
A more fully-updated report will be made at next Wednesday’s Faculty Meeting.

  • Southeast Asian Librarian search was launched last week (2 year Visiting AP position)
  • RRSS head search will launch this week (permanent position)
  • Digital Humanities AP Permanent position search finished last week. This will be based in IT, and work primarily in the Arts & Humanities. An offer was made. The first priority for this new person will be the digital newspaper project (for the first several months).
  • Library HR is waiting for search narratives for the Senior Conservator position (AP, permanent)
  • Research Programmers (2 positions)

Tina brought up 2 other searches:

  • E-resources (AP) moving along
  • Assessment coordinator (AP, not faculty) Job announcement was released last week.

Choice of a new agenda committee (Caroline Szylowicz)

FY2011 Agenda committee of one (Caroline) is to be relieved of duty by a new committee member or members. JoAnne will ask Cherie if she would be willing to do it.

Announcements: None

New Business for next time: None

Adjourned at 2:26