September 18, 2017 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

September 18, 20171:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details

Expected/Invited Attendees

Bill Mischo, Tom Teper, Shuyong Jiang, Chris Quinn, Susan Avery, Sarah Williams, Mary Schlembach, Lisa Romero, Joanne Kaczmarek, Mary Laskowski, Kyle McCafferty, Tom Habing, Greg Knott, Jeff Schrader, Cherie’ Weible


1.  Update on recent and future changes to public printing (Habing)

2.  Two Factor Authentication requirement (Habing)

Minutes Details


Present: Tom Teper, chair; Susan Avery, Atoma Batoma (for Shuyong Jiang), Tom Habing, Heidi Imker, Jenny Johnson (for Joanne Kaczmarek), Greg Knott, Mary Laskowski, Kyle McCafferty, Chris Quinn, Lisa Romero, Mary Schlembach (call in), Cherié Weible, Sarah Williams

1.  Update on recent and future changes to public printing (Habing)

(see attached PowerPoint)

Campus is working on how to best communicate to students regarding options for printing.


2.  Two Factor Authentication requirement (Habing)

(see attached PowerPoint)

Campus is having a hard time keeping authentication tokens in stock. For staff who are frequent users of BannerHRFE, or Paris and who would prefer not to use their personal cell phone or tablet for authentication, the Library currently has a small number of tokens in stock which we can issue to people who need them. If you need one submit a ticket to OTRS.


3.  End Point Services

(see attached PowerPoint)

Method to deploy software, updates and security patches to Library workstations and laptops.

Library IT is engaged at the campus level to push for centralized services for cost savings.