September 18, 2006 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

September 18, 20061:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


  1. Welcome to Scott Walter (first day of school!)
  2. Workstation log-in procedures update
    John Weible
    (20 minutes)
  3. 698 negotiations update
    Bob Burger
    (5 minutes)
  4. Learning Commons update
    Lisa Hinchliffe
    (20 minutes)
  5. Revised e-reserve copyright guidelines
    Karen Schmidt
    (10 minutes) (attachment)
  6. Updates
  7. “Ave atque vale” to Bob (last AC!) and with apologies to Catullus and Tennyson

Minutes Details


Karen Schmidt, Tina Chrzastowski, Mary Stuart, Betsy Kruger, Janis Johnston, Greg Youngen (for Diane Schmidt), Karen Wei, Scott Walter, Beth Sandore, Alvan Bregman (for Bill Maher), Dee Shonkwiler, Visitor– Lisa Hinchliffe, Recording– Donna Hoffman


  1. Welcome to Scott WalterKaren introduced Scott to the Administrative Council.
  2. Workstation log-in procedures update – (John Weible)There is a delay in the procedures so this has been postponed.
  3. 698 negotiations update – (Bob Burger)Bob gave the group an overview of how union negotiation procedures are handled and the present status of discussions.
  4. Learning Commons update – (Lisa Hinchliffe)The Learning Commons has gone through a number of phases so far and there is still much work left to do. The Undergraduate Library has been physically re-organized. All library services have been moved to a single service point and small adjustments are still being made to the desk layout to better serve the patrons. There has also been reorganization administratively within the Undergraduate library. Mary Laskowski is now the head of information processing and management and David Ward is the head of information services. Media and Reserves is still coordinated by Mary but the public services components are now under David. There is no Media and Reserves unit because the functions have been integrated throughout the Undergraduate Library. All of the IPM (Information Process and Management) staff are not yet located in their planned locations, which will be on the lower level near the Mortenson Center. After the IPM staff move, the browsing area for magazines and other materials will be reinstated.

    There are 10 iMac terminals which are in place with a few changes that remain to be done with regards to their ability to play Region 1 DVDs. The Systems office is working to fix this problem.

    The Undergrad Library has 20 laptops available for lending. They are “in-library use only” and will circulate for 2 hours. Undergrad is still deciding how to handle renewal requests because they do not want to take reservations for the laptops. Other issues with the laptops will be getting the batteries charged. The Undergrad Library has many electrical outlets in very inconvenient places which is why students are likely to rely on battery power.

    There will also be MP3 players for checkout soon. The experiment of not providing headphones is working great. Students are happy to buy the $1.00 ear buds but most students carry their iPod ear phones which work in all of our machines.

    They are now working on their second phase of the Learning Commons for this fall with Lanny Arvan, Director of CITES Educational Technologies. The partnership with CITES EdTech is focusing on developing a blogging service which supports group dialogue. Lanny will be leaving in October for another position on campus giving the Library time to reflect on service development. They have identified a number of campus units to collaborate with in a service model rather than in physical space. Meg Burger has been coordinating many outreach activities with these other partners as well as sharing the message about what the Undergrad Library and the Learning Commons partners have to offer to students.

  5. Revised e-reserve copyright guidelines – (Karen Schmidt)Revisions were made to the e-reserves by Tina Chrzastowski, Lynn Wiley, Sue Searing, Nuala Koetter, Mary Laskowski, and Karen Schmidt. There is really no difference in the guidelines themselves but the current version explicates how we were interpreting them. Marcia Rotunda in legal counsel reviewed and signed off on them. These changes come directly from the ARL report with no languages changes. There have been no challenges since we moved everything behind the netID.
  6. Updates – (Karen Schmidt)Karen has been working the Executive Committee to find the best way to report on the disposition of the position requests that came to EC. Karen will be working with two members of EC to go through every one of the requests. She will then report back to each group giving them feedback on their request.

    User Survey – (Bob Burger)

    Bob gave an overview of the Undergraduate Student Survey Summary from spring 2005. The committee is finalizing the summary with recommendations and will be reporting to the faculty. The committee will give recommendations based on the data gathered.

    There are 5 people attending the ARL assessments conference. They will start building momentum for our Library in terms of assessment and making it more of driving force.

    Sabbaticals – (Bob Burger)

    Reminded people to contact Scott if someone in your unit will be applying for sabbatical.

    Chemistry Library Open House – (Tina Chrzastowski)

    The Chemistry Library Open house will be on October 6 from 3-4:30.

    Next meeting: October 16, 1:30-3:30, 428 Library

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