September 17, 2012 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

September 17, 20121:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


1.    Communicating possible strike impact on library services to campus (Murphy)

2.    Introduction of Jim Dohle (Sandore)

3.    Printing of Library schedules (Searing)

4.    Revival of Library Office Notes (Searing)

5.    Unit Annual Reports: Public Access or Library-Only Access (Searing)

Minutes Details


Sue Searing – Acting Chair, Tom Teper, Beth Sandore, JoAnn Jacoby, Mary Schlembach, Chris Quinn, Lisa Romero, Lynne Rudasill, Jenny Johnson, Pat Alle, Heather Murphy, Jim Dohle


  1. 1.       Communicating possible strike impact on library services to campus (Murphy)

Before discussing communication strategies, Heather asked for information about the likely impact.  AC briefly reviewed basic principles and strategies, including:

  1. Keep hubs open (especially in locations supported by the student fee) and prioritize core services based in those locations.
  2. If a strike lasts more than 2-3 days, hubs will need help and smaller units may need to close or reduce hours.
  3. A process should be in place for reassigning personnel to priority units/services.
  4. It may be helpful for divisions and units to revisit H1N1 planning.
  5. Service expectations may have to be adjusted.

Action items:

  • Library Administration will draft an overarching plan based on what it hears from divisions.
  • Divisions and hubs (when not coterminous) will send their plans to Sue.
  • Heather Murphy will coordinate communication of possible strike impact on library services to campus.
  1. 2.       Introduction of Jim Dohle, Director of IT Production Services (Sandore)

Jim Dohle’s responsibilities will include all IT Production and Help Desk Services, i.e., everything except software development and grant projects.  Jim and Tom Habing, Director of Software Development, both report to Beth and collaborate closely.

Jim intends to reconstitute an advisory committee.  Jim and Beth will be contacting division coordinators to schedule get-acquainted meetings with each division.

  1. 3.       Printing of Library Schedules (Searing)


Proposal:  Continue to maintain the central hours database, but discontinue the printed schedule.

After some discussion of how the current printed schedules are used, the effort that goes into producing the print version, the practices at peer institutions, and what additional functionality might be added to the online hours to help serve the purpose of the printed schedules, it was decided to discontinue the printed version.  The importance of continuing to have units review and confirm their hours, and having someone in administration coordinate that process and review the final listing prior to each semester or break, was emphasized.

A print map with contact info for library units on the reverse will continue to be produced.

  1. 4.       Revival of Library Office Notes (Searing)

The AULs are working with Heather Murphy to create an internal newsletter, reviving the long defunct Library Office Notes.  This will include information about new hires, retirements, events, organizational changes, and new initiatives in the Library.

  1. 5.       Unit Annual Reports:  Public Access or Library-Only Access (Searing)

After discussing possible issues with making certain types of staff information available, the fact that these are available to staff currently as well as subject to a FOIA request, and the benefits of publicly sharing information about our accomplishments, the group concluded these should be posted publicly after being read to ensure that nothing sensitive is shared inadvertently.