September 17, 2007 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

September 17, 20071:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


  1. Divisional Web Content Development Liaisons
    Outcome: Decision
    40 minutes
  2. CAMELS Contributions
    Outcome: Decision
    20 minutes
  3. Are Lists of Accomplishments Every 6 Months Necessary?
    Outcome: Decision
    15 minutes
  4. Announcements and Updates
    15 minutes

Minutes Details


Paula Kaufman, chair, Tina Chrzastowski, Tony Hynes, Bill Maher, Beth Sandore, Sue Searing, Mary Stuart, Tom Teper, David Ward, Karen Wei, Lynn Wiley, Greg Youngen, Visitors: Bill Mischo, Lynne Rudasill, John Weible, Recording: Kim Matherly


  1. Divisional Web Content Development Liaisons – Sandore, Mischo, Rudasill, WeibleBeth sent out a note regarding the coordination of the current content for the Gateway. They are beginning to put into place a human network across our Library that coordinates the creation and development content on a more permanent basis. Beth put a proposal on the electronic table because she has talked about this for a number of years with the content group and they have recommended that the Library needs to coordinate this as an ongoing function that we have integrated into each unit across whatever structure that we feel will best support it. This is why the initial recommendation is to do this by Division. They are looking for which Divisions will welcome this and which Divisions will want more than one representative. They want feedback and suggestion from the Divisions. They want to find out what the needs are and how they can be met.

    One option is to provide student hours to support the conversion of the web pages. This process will involve those designated as the web contact liaisons to be trained to use the web content management editor. Then those trained can train other staff in other units, coordinate the conversion in the Division on a unit by unit basis and be a specialist for a portion of their role in web content development. They will also understand that there is some web content that may not be able to be created through the web content management system. This is a complex rollout in a complex web environment. We need ongoing and dedicated communication to make this work.

    There will be coordination at different levels in different Divisions. This does not preclude GAs from working on these pages but they’d like to have a full time staff member trained.

    One question is where will we get a person in each Division to do this. It has to be added to a current staff members duties or something they are doing won’t get done while they are doing this. The expected time commitment this year won’t be a fair representation of what it will take for ongoing web coordination. If this is a permanent vested responsibility that mean that there will be an ongoing review of content among staff and faculty in the Division.

    The initial startup, training and staging to convert Divisions may take ten hours per week to coordinate the conversion and train staff. These people will join the SWOT team and work together with leadership from Bill Mischo, Beth Sandore, and Helen Zhou to coordinate the work.

    Were there any requests that went forward to the Budget Group to create a unit to track web pages? What is the plan for this in the future?

    The Web Content Librarian will have a home in Services and needs to be focused on the cohesiveness of content in addition to the technical systems and infrastructure that supports it. Beth envisions the content development liaisons from the Divisions will work closely with the new Web Content Librarian. This person will have a responsibility and leadership role.

    Editing privileges will be determined by each individual unit.

    CMS does not do well with dynamic pages or forms. There will be a continual addition of capabilities to provide flexibility in the way things work.

    The sequence of which Division will be trained first has not been determined. Beth would like to hear back from each Division by October 1 as to when they think they will be ready to appoint a person for training. Training will take place mid-late October.

  2. CAMELS Contributions – SearingSocial Sciences Division feels it should be exempt from contributing to CAMELS over the next year because they have provided the bulk of the contributions up to this point. Lynn Wiley feels that between her and Michael, they can supply CAMELS with trained personnel from the Tech Services Division to take care of the needs that CAMELS services.

    At this time Divisions can halt their search to identify 20 hrs per week for CAMELS. Scott Walter and Lynn Wiley will work together to find out where the holes are and then Lynn will present back to AC.

    This is also part of what the Budget + group is looking out. They are identifying a capable and diverse group of workers who can move where the need is. Sandy Wolf has done a phenomenal job scheduling and coordinating CAMELS and is willing to continue.

  3. Are List of Accomplishments Every 6 Months Necessary – KaufmanIn light of the annual reports being done, this seems to be redundant. Paula invited each Division Coordinator to schedule themselves for a Faculty meeting and talk about the things they are doing and accomplishing in each division
  4. Announcements and UpdatesKaufman – Rod Allen received a confirming message from Mike Andrechak that the Library will have to set funds aside in the amount of 1.5% of its budget. This excludes the Collections budget. The only place the Library can make up those dollars is in personnel. Therefore, with the advice of EC, all searches will be halted except in the case where individuals have been through the interview process. Other searches can continue but will not be permitted to do interview until February.

    Ward – UGL is hosting an Open House on October 9 from 1:00-2:00pm in 295 UGL. This will be an opportunity to connect chat reference with subject specialists.

    Wiley – The WorldCat local pilot project has been delayed. OCLC met difficulties in using Voyager. They expect to be delayed at least a month.

    Sandore – IT plans to cut over to the new Gateway pages this week, hopefully Wednesday.

    Chrzastowski – Could someone be assigned to call CARLI in mid-August to remind them that the system will be overloaded with the beginning of the semester and to plan for that?

    Wei – The Asian Library, along with others, is sponsoring “The University of Illinois’ Place in Asia’s Changing Scientific Landscape.” This lecture will take place on September 18 from 3:00-5:00 in the Beckman Auditorium.