September 16, 2013 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

September 16, 20131:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


  1. Records retention policy and procedures – Bill Maher
  2. Staffing in general and new rules for hourly employees. – Cindy Kelly

Minutes Details


John Wilkin, chair; Melody Allison, Susan Avery, Jenny Johnson, Mary Laskowski, Chris Quinn, Lynne Rudasill, Mary Schlembach, Sue Searing, Yoo-seong Song (for Lisa Romero), Tom Teper, Sandy Wolf; Visitor – Cindy Kelly


1.  Records retention policy and procedures – Bill Maher
This was deferred to another meeting.

2.  Staffing in general and new rules for hourly employees. – Cindy Kelly
Rehiring of retirees – The Budget Group determined when any hiring of retirees has to be on gift funds, endowments, or grants—no state funds, because of the new rules make it cumbersome to track retiree hours. Any mistake in calculating the number of hours they work anywhere in the SURS system could mean that we have to pay their annuity for the next year.

In regards to hourly employees, right now we are able to hire them for as long as we need them. However, these policies are being reviewed once a year and will be revisited by the BOT and campus in January or February and anything can change.

One new issue with academic hourly employees is that we must submit a job description with the request. We don’t have to do that with student hourlies at this time.

In regards to visiting positions, they are generally for a three year term. Occasionally, we are allowed to extend beyond the three year term, but we have never extended beyond nine years.

3.  LibQual – Sue Searing
Jen-chien Yu is planning to launch a LibQual Light survey. She would like suggestions of members for a working group to plan and evaluate the survey between November and March. MJ Han was suggestions for the working group. If you think of anyone else, let Sue or Jen know.

4.  Hiring plan update/status of searches – John Wilkin
After the last AC meeting, John met with the Provost. He confirmed that they had not approved our hiring plan. We had taken some liberties with the format as to how it was presented. The Provost thought it was difficult for them to interpret the elements. John will meet with the Provost and Barb Wilson on September 25. The Provost did approve the AP positions and we will be moving ahead on those.

Most of the faculty positions on the current hiring plan were approved for the February hiring plan, but we did not have a chance to search for most of the positions, so we were asked to resubmit those positions for the current hiring plan.

The one faculty position that was approved is the Research Data Services Director position.

5.  Policies and practices regarding retention of “library records” and patron privacy – John Wilkin

We need to take a comprehensive look at patron privacy with regard to Library records and retention policies. There is an emergent thread in the profession that what we have done historically in terms of aggressively destroying records or breaking links between patrons and record has also made it difficult to build services in these areas. We should discuss this.

We need to look at our practices across the Library and refresh our policies in regards to record retention and patron privacy. John met with Scott Rice and Steve Anderson from Legal Counsel who are prepared to see the law, in regards to library records, as broadly as we need.

John is not advocating for a difference in practices, but a better knowing of what we’re doing and how we are controlling our immediate environment.

John would like a few people to work on defining a scope and charge for a committee to look at these issues. Lynne Rudasill agreed to chair the working group. Others suggestions were Mary Laskowski, Sue Searing, Cherié Weible, Jim Dohle and Sandy Wolf. Lynne will bring a recommendation for a scope and charge back to AC at their next meeting.