September 15, 2008 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

September 15, 20081:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


1. VU Find (World Cat Local) – Lynn Wiley – 10 minutes

2. Printed Hours Sheets – Audit of Numbers Needed – Scott Walter – 10 minutes

3. Desk Tracker software demo and discussion – David Ward, Scott Walter- 20 minutes

4. Revision of Library Grants Policy – Beth Sandore, Kathie Veach – 45 minutes

5. Announcements

Minutes Details


Paula Kaufman, chair, Tony Hynes, Bill Mischo (for Tina Chrzastowski), Beth Sandore, Diane Schmidt (for Greg Youngen), Scott Schwartz, Sue Searing, Marek Sroka, Mary Stuart, Tom Teper, Scott Walter, David Ward, Lynn Wiley; Visitor: Kathie Veach; Recording: Kim Matherly


1. VU Find (World Cat Local) – Lynn Wiley

(see attached information)

The Next Generation Catalog Task Force is looking at several options for the next generation catalog. CARLI’s VUFind is a new alternative to the standard WebVoyage that looks promising.

The group will be setting up a forum for staff as soon as possible, to show them how to use the system. There will also be an intermediary web page and tutorial. They project to have this out to users by November 1.

2. Printed Hours Sheets – Audit of Numbers Needed – Scott Walter

Scott presented a table showing the deadlines for receiving information and when the schedules would be printed. He also handed out a list of units and the number of schedules they usually receive. Scott would like the units to review the schedules and numbers and determine if they are receiving the number of schedules they need, or if changes can be made that will allow for a reduction in the number of hours sheets routinely printed and disseminated to the units.

Some of the issues are that units are not getting their hours updated in a timely fashion, and that these (and other) errors result in requests for reprints, which are made at a cost to the Library (and the environment). Some units are saying they don’t need as many schedules for interim, breaks and exam periods. Some suggestions are to print the url on a card that can be handed out. Have the schedules in a PDF format that can be changed easily. Print only the map with the list of libraries and phone numbers. Scott and Jeff Schrader would appreciate any and all feedback.

3. Desk Tracker software demo and discussion – David Ward, Scott Walter

This is new software to help track reference questions and other info needed for ARL statistics. It allows for routine reporting during sweeps week and can be customized for other things people want to track. The software can also be used year round for units to track their own statistics, and units can generate custom reports. Reports can be run using an Excel spreadsheet using any fields.

There will be training session soon so people can start using the software.

4. Revision of Library Grants Policy – Beth Sandore, Kathie Veach

Beth Sandore presented a draft revised policy on Library grant and award preparation, submission, and reporting. The Office of Library IT has oversight for grants and awards. Beth and Kathie Veach (Grants and Contracts Specialist, Library Business Office) work with investigators on the preparation of proposals. With the increase in number of proposals submitted, and the requirements for submitting proposals, both the Library and OSPRA require more time to review proposals before they can be submitted.

Gifts are now being handled in Advancement. Many grant proposals are being submitted on line. The Library Business Office does the final submission, except in cases where OSPRA makes the submission. The revised draft policy recommends a new time table, mainly due to OSPRA’s (Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Administration) doubling the amount of time they need to review and process G&C. Therefore, Beth and Kathie will be even more firm with internal deadlines. Another issue is cost sharing of individual faculty time. OSPRA is tracking this very closely now, which means that investigators need to keep track of what percentages of their time they have committed to various grant proposals, not to exceed 20% except for rare circumstances. Also, if someone on your grant leaves or their situation changes and they can no longer fulfill their commitment, that commitment still has to be maintained by someone. One out of two Library grant proposals submitted were funded last year–an excellent track record of success for Library investigators. Beth asks that the Divisions look at the new policy and plan to present suggestions for any revisions, and approve at next meeting. Please send any questions or concerns to .

5. Announcements

David Ward announced that the final version of his and Kathleen Kern’s ICR Grant Proposal: Chat Reference: Developing tools to enhance and expand a popular service will be ready to roll out in October as a pilot in Undergrad and Reference. Kathleen and David are looking to add as many librarians and divisions as possible to the collaborative software once testing is complete later this fall. We should be seeing publicity about it soon and there will be staff training available in the near future.

Lynn Wiley announced that we have invited three vendors to present on their services to fulfill the RFP requirements for the Library monographic contract. Those presentations will be next week as follows: Tuesday September 16 COUTTS will present from 2:30-5pm in GSLIS 126 Wednesday September 17 Blackwell will be here from 9:30-12Noon also in GSLIS 126 Friday September 19 YBP will do their overview from 9:30-12Noon and in the Main Library rm 66. The evaluation team will meet with all three separately on the day of their presentation and will be ranking the three for a recommendation on a contract award. The evaluation team includes: Wendy Shelburne, Mary Schlembach, Paula Carns, Lisa Romero, Kathie Veach and Carla Dodd is our Purchasing contact for the contract.

Tom Teper announced that Terry Ruprecht, director of Energy Conservation, will be attending the September Faculty meeting to discuss energy conservation on campus and in the Library.