September 14, 2016 Meeting of Library Assessment Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

September 14, 20169:00 am - 10:30 am Main Library Room 428

Agenda Details


    1. Review agenda and welcome new members
    2. Committee Updates
    3. Membership change: The committee discussed the possibility of making membership changes. Possibilities included inviting a new web content person since Suzanne Chapman has left, inviting a new user education member, and temporarily inviting someone from special collections while Jameatris is on maternity leave.
        • Instruction assessment and instruction statistics database (group project from last year)

      The current instruction assessment database cannot be changed at this time. (Where instructors fill out assessment forms after their classes. The instruction statistics database will persist.)

        • Desk Tracker replacement (group project from last year)

      Last year we looked at some potential replacements for Desk Tracker. Erin reports that the Reference Management Team also examined LibCal. General consensus is that other products could work, but any of them would require work/adjustments.

        • Hold a meeting+tour in IDEA?

      Members supported the idea and Jen will work on a date

        • Ithaka Graduate Student Survey

      The survey was completed in spring of 2016. De-identified data is now available for those with up-to-date IRB training.

    4. Funding request for attending the Library Assessment Conference 2016 (Arlington, Virginia, Oct. 31 – Nov. 2): $2,000 (for two people) was approved. We need to form a small group to collect applications and review them. Jen-chien Yu, Cindy Ingold, and Susan Braxton volunteered to review any applications.
    5. Library Assessment Committee grant program : Last year the LAC grant provided nearly $9000 in funds to various projects.
    6. Project Ideas for 2016-2017: Members may add their ideas to the file in Box.
    7. Sweeps Week dates:Fall 2016 (October 17th – October 23rd), Spring 2017 (March 6th – March 12th)
    8. Updates (Round-robin)
    • Jen reports that she, Megan Osuchowski, and Jim Hohn, applied for a Library Innovation Fund last year. They recently submitted an interim report for their prototype data dashboard project. Learning analytics project is ongoing.
    • Susan reports that research has been launched on an Illinois DataBank. They are looking for assessment ideas for what to review at the five-year mark.
    • Jason reports that IT is currently working on a service catalog, looking at how IT projects can become more sustainable. IT recently hired a new data analyst, Mike Nelson.

Minutes Details


Jen-chien Yu, Erin Kerby, Jason Strutz , Cindy Ingold, Jamie Carlstone , Susan Braxton, Emily Justiss (GA)