September 10, 2012 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

September 10, 20121:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Main Library

Agenda Details


1.                 Approve minutes from September 5
2.                 2:00-2:30 – Jennifer Teper – FRC
3.                 Question Time 
4.                 Title changes

Minutes Details


Paula Kaufman, chair; Chris Prom, vice chair; Sarah Shreeves, secretary and recording; Mary Laskowski, Nancy O’Brien, Carissa Phillips, Lynne Rudasill, John Wagstaff, David Ward; Visitor – Jennifer Teper


1.                  Approve minutes from September 5

Approved with changes.

 2.                 Question Time

Paula updated EC on next steps for the overhaul of the AUL review process. It was decided that we would not pursue the plan proposed by Scott Gill (RTG). Academic Human Resources does not have a template or process for this type of review.  The AULs will come back to EC with a new proposal.

The group that is looking at the proposals for 146 is proceeding, but timing will be dependent on when 146 will be empty of collections and staff, as that area is used as a staging space as the north SSHEL space is renovated. The Humanities NSM team will be considering the 220 space. That space will not be emptied until a number of other spaces are completed including Oak Street 3rd floor and Room 1. It was noted that the Library will want to ensure that at least one AUL is involved and active in the planning process in order to have a consistent presence as a new UL starts and EC turns over.


EC will continue to meet as needed with Rod or his designate about the budget (generally around the hiring plan or as we receive our budget). It was suggested that we might also want to schedule as needed meetings with Facilities as well.


Paula will issue a call for position requests due in early November for the February hiring plan.


Innovation proposals are due on September 14th.


It was noted that the doors into the Undergraduate Library on the pavilion are very heavy and that many students and others have been observed struggling to open them. These have had crash bars installed on them and are heavier. UGL is aware of the problem and has talked to facilities about it.

3.                 Discussion of FRC and PTAC policies (Jennifer Teper guest)

Jennifer Teper and Mary Laskowski presented two documents:


The document “University Library Guidelines for Requesting Appointment with Tenure and Rank of Associate Professor or Professor” was approved with changes.


The document “General Process for Candidates Seeking Promotion to Full Professor” was approved with changes.


These documents will be presented at the Sept 19 faculty meeting.


EC will schedule a meeting with Jennifer, Mary, and David to discuss proposed changes in the faculty review process.

4.           Title Changes

The document “Head, Coordinator, Assistant Job Title Definitions and Use” last discussed at the July 23 meeting was revised. This will be sent to the Library Faculty for comment.


EC reviewed requests for title changes and made some revisions. Chris Prom will notify the appropriate faculty.


EC encourages faculty members to review their current NOA and request changes as appropriate, particularly if the title is out of date.

5.           Review of Parking Lot Items

EC reviewed the items on their parking lot:


–         Policy on redacting individual names and other personal information on publicly posted documents on the EC website

  • It is EC’s policy not to publish the names of people when discussing personnel issues.
  • Removed from parking lot.

–         Research oversight discussion

  • This concerned Beth Sandore’s new responsibilities and the addition of new members to RPC. EC will invite Beth Sandore and Carissa Phillips to talk about how this is working in practice.
  • Removed from parking lot

–         P&T documents

  • This item concerned the issues discussed today.
  • Removed from parking lot.

–         Discussion regarding role of EC in orienting new UL to EC role and shared governance

  • It was decided that this process should begin with EC reviewing the By Laws to insure that these are up to date with current practice. This is on the next EC agenda.
  • Removed from parking lot.

–         Discussion of document: Career Advancement for Non-Tenure Track Teaching faculty (Engineering)

  • It was decided that this document was not very relevant to Library faculty and removed from the parking lot.

–         Further review of Search Procedures Manual

  • EC requested that a final draft of the Search Procedures Manual be sent by Sept. 28 for discussion at a subsequent meeting.
  • Removed from parking lot.

–         NCSU fellows program

  • EC discussed briefly the likelihood of establishing a fellows program given the current state of the budget. It was decided that it was unlikely that this would be possible in the next year or so. The idea of a rotating fellowship position that might work on new projects for a defined set of time before moving to the next was discussed, but again the search and budget requirements would make this difficult. The postdoc position that is being shared between GSLIS and the Scholarly Commons from the Hathi Trust Research Center funds was mentioned as a possible model for other groups in the Library to partner with other units.
  • Removed from parking lot.



09/12/2012 – Requested revisions to position description for the Curator of Special Collections